As North Korea makes its mark in the world of nuclear powers, it will have to learn how to handle nuclear power for peaceful purposes. Sanctions do not pave the way for dialog. They just isolate a country. In the past UN had imposed sanctions against Afghanistan and Iraq. Both countries ended up with American boots on the ground. However, the current situation is very different from the past.

North Korea crisis - current situation

  • North Korea tests ICBM with nuclear warheads and long-range missiles which are capable of reaching the Pacific Ocean. It aims to create one with a range which will reach the US mainland.
  • US, Japan, S Korea and China react in a hostile manner.
  • United Nations Security Council passed a second resolution with more sanctions against North Korea. According to Nikki Haley, the second round of "sanctions will strangle" energy supplies with a near-total blockade of essential resources. A threat to impose more sanctions is also mentioned in the resolution.
  • Pyongyang regards the fresh sanctions as an act of war.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, unlike the other two, is a nuclear power.

Boots on the ground is not an option –whether they are American, Chinese or Russian. The idea is to persuade Pyongyang to a dialogue. The Nuclear Tests are correctly condemned, yet every sovereign country has a right to self– defense.

It’s high time that all the concerned parties should start the six-party talks again. These talks, when in progress, involved North Korea, China, Russia, US, Japan and South Korea. It’s time that another country such as Norway, Sweden or Uruguay or even an Arab power got involved in these talks. Obviously, the six-party has found no solution. No one in the world can afford to ignore the DPRK.

Way to peace in the Korean peninsula

Both the United States and North Korea have to stop their belligerent talk.

Both countries are behaving with arrogance produced by ignorance along with unnecessary pride, which does not create the atmosphere needed for talks. Nations should determine to find a peaceful solution, which will come after they stop practicing Machiavellian politics.

American foreign policy and even the Korean statement to a large extent is characteristic of flashing maximum military might.

The United States in its key strategic security document states North Korea is a threat. The key purpose of national security for the United States is to protect its homeland.

If foreign policies do not go beyond creating a comfortable domestic environment then they are not really looking to create a peaceful international environment.

Give and take exists, and some of it is completely palatable to the nationalistic pride as it involves a compromise – a compromise which actually achieves the agenda of protecting the homeland.

Conflict resolution and Korea

The point reached at this time is that of conflict resolution. The purpose for both nations is to resolve the conflict and not escalate it. This conflict has arisen after perceived threats from North Korea post-nuclear tests. It is about dealing with perception. Perceptions that lead to the thinking that North Korea will attack.

Somewhere the DPRK has to realize that it is a puny nation with needs of welfare and growth. Its belligerence has side-tracked it into building its military might instead.

Similarly, the US has to understand that this conflict cannot be resolved by imposing its superiority but must involve regional players and they should treat North Korea with a certain parity and respect to its sovereignty.

There are several points where North Korea needs help in areas like humanitarian measures, medical and food aid as well as energy aid. If Pyongyang were to see positive outreach from the rest of the world, then there is little doubt that peace will prevail. There is no current solution and only sanctions is not an option. The world does not want to witness an all-out annihilation war such as in the final episode of "Star Trek." The world wants to witness the healing and peace that Michael Jackson once sang for us.