Trump doesn't just go to play golf a full 20 percent of his time. He doesn't just overdose on Diet Coke. I could go on. But this is to remind you that even though he is beyond belief, he does things that kill and maim and impact and hurt and harm. I suppose all presidents do evil. Maybe it comes with the job. But you be the judge. I shall merely treat you to the latest results of Trump's doing.

I shall start with Jerusalem. You will recall that this city is a bone of contention, to put it mildly. The mere mention can create global shockwaves. When Trump recently said it should become the capital of Israel and that he would move our embassy there, all hell broke loose, and yes, people were killed in the aftermath.

It happened when Israel wreaked some havoc in the Gaza Strip. This is called blaming the victim.

Blind injustice

We will never get close to the dead or know their names or otherwise have human contact. It is enough to know that by issuing a casual decree, Donald killed a few Palestinians. Maybe more have died. He is in Florida hitting the links.

Steel melts

Now we shall move to the meltdown of the steel industry, in direct contradiction to promises Trump made to steelworkers. Everyone knows that manufacturing is going through a sea change and that the old jobs are going away.

But Donald lied to the steelworkers. And now they are being laid off. As he hits the golf ball the steelworkers face joblessness.

But we should not assume this will hurt Trump with his base. The base is being hit with layoffs and health crises and lord knows what else, but Donald says he is their friend as he showers the richest with money -- our money -- that they don't need.

There will be many more layoffs and Donald will continue to say the jobs are coming back and to take credit for anything that looks good, regardless of whether he had anything to do with it.

Then there's the EPA.

Whoah! What's this? Hundreds of essential science experts are leaving the EPA? Obviously, we must not need them. What are they depressed about?

Does the EPA have a direction? Can't we just ignore things like weather and warming and fires like no one has seen? Who needs science when we have a cabinet like Donald's? Can you name them? Neither can I.

Three among many

These are just three things on the front page of the New York Times. The stories are probably made up. They are clearly critical of the man who is breaking his back daily to improve life for us.

But even if they are true, does anyone care? What difference does it make? Some families in Gaza are going through some grief. Some steelworkers are needing to find work. Some scientists are depressed. How can a president be expected to alter his routine to deal with such minor problems?