Today while the US is mourning the death of its safety-net, it may help to suggest that reality is more forthcoming than the GOP was last night. While the GOP was ensuring that a DeVos-favored university would pay no taxes, Michael Flynn was getting used to his role as a trump-betrayer. Remember that no one betrays Donald. No one beats Donald. Mr. Trump rules. That is, unfortunately, not the case. Trump is regularly beaten. He just says he isn't.

In the case of Mike Flynn, Trump says Flynn poses no problem. But consider the reality. Flynn is being treated with kid gloves.

He faces just one charge and a minimum recommended penalty, That is for now. Clearly, he is expected to deliver some goods. And the most likely next domino to fall will fill the bill. That would be jared kushner.


I am going to stop this speculation now because my only point is that we are in a daily war of attrition. Yesterday things looked up for Trump because the GOP managed to pass his gift to the rich and to himself in an exhibition of embarrassing slavishness. Today, beginning to breathe again, we can focus on the following text which provides further details of the fate Donald Trump faces in the person of Mike Flynn.

The New York Times surmises that Flynn's light indictment is part of a deal that may ensure the inclusion of Jared Kushner among the indicted.

Should that happen, the door would be opened to a still wider casting of the special prosecutor's net.

It has never been likely that Trump will be impeached. But it has always been a nearly even bet that he would leave under duress. The threat of official action was enough to elicit Nixon's farewell. The reach from Flynn to Kushner to Don, Jr.would hardly sit well with the tweeter in chief.

There will be a tweet war, no doubt about that. But all the time the hook will be doing its inexorable worst.

That is the possibility that today's breathing in of the ongoing struggle yields up.

Supreme Irony

The Times suggests an ironic possibility. Flynn is the guy Trump fought for when he begged James Comey to give up his investigation of the general.

Steve Bannon said Trump's biggest vulnerability derives from his firing of Comey. Trump treated Flynn as a brother in arms. That is almost an unprecedented event in Donald's self-absorbed world.

The result is now that the law has shown itself to have a slight edge on the president. It can push him around a little. Or a lot. We are about to find out how Trump intends to push back. Trump probably thinks this should be pay per view.