Calling all you world travelers! When you think of traveling to Europe, I'm sure the first thing that crosses your mind isn't going to a Disney park. If you're a fan of the Disney franchise, start thinking about going to the park next time you're in Paris. With an immaculate focus on the smaller details of the Disney movies, walking through this park was like being in the movie itself. Sure, the other parks are just as magical, but Disneyland Paris prides itself on making the animated scenery come to life. Here are five starter tips for everyone who wishes to visit this park.

1. Smartest fast passes for both parks

Being the least visited Disney park, most adult rides are basically empty. The park serves its purpose mainly for children, so naturally, Fantasy Land is packed. As soon as you enter the Magic Kingdom, head over to Fantasy Land and FastPass Peter Pan; the wait time for that ride, otherwise, can get as long as two hours! After that, head over to the wildest ride in the wilderness, Thunder Mountain Railroad! Although it is a roller coaster, the wait times rack up quickly. Other than that, most ride's wait times were really low in the Magic Kingdom.

Since Fantasy Land is the hot-spot for children, Hollywood Studios is the less popular park. The only ride you might want to fast pass is Crush's Coaster; being the only one of it's kind, the ride is the highlight of the Hollywood Studios park.

2. Do Fantasy Land last

As mentioned before, Fantasy Land has the most popular attractions in all of Disneyland Paris. This is where all the parents are going to run the first thing in the morning when their kids are still awake. Come nap time, that's when you should hit Fantasy Land. The lines will be non-existent late at night when all the parents have left with their kids.

3. Get organized

Magic Kingdom is a fairly big park but the time it is open is limited. Magic Kingdom is open from 10 am to 7 pm and Hollywood Studios is open from 10 am to 6 pm. The time allotted for the Hollywood Studios park should be plenty, but Magic Kingdom can get time crunched. Head to the park an hour early and grab a map.

Inside the map, they have details of shows and restaurants. Plan the shows you want to see and places you want to eat before the park opens! This saves time which would otherwise be spent arguing uselessly over where to go when you could be riding rides! Plan your day before the park opens!

4. Eat small snacks instead of big meals

Disney parks are famous for their delicious and creative snack foods; Paris is not an exception. Walking down Main Street still brings the delightful smells of snack foods to enjoy. Grab an 8-piece of the star-shaped chicken nuggets or a hot dog as a mid-day snack. Later in the evening, head over to the bakery located on Main Street for a Mickey Roll: bread filled with Nutella!

5. Get shopping early

Along with grabbing a map and planning the busy day ahead of you, start your shopping early in the Downtown Disney area! The bulk of the shops open at 8 am there, and most, if not all of the items you find will not differ from the stores in the parks! Nearly every store also has free bag pick-up, so you don't have to carry your souvenirs around all day! Shopping takes up a lot of your time; if other things are a priority for you, get it done early!