It's no secret that part of our responsibility of living on this planet is to start looking towards the future and protecting it from climate change. We are at a tipping point if we do not cut ourselves off from fossil fuels and start working towards renewable Forms Of Energy by 2100, we could see a global temperature increase of 4 degrees centigrade.

Climate change is by no means a new wave of science, it has been around since the 1970's. In the 1990's scientists warned of greenhouse gases admissions, which is an increase of CO2 in the earth atmosphere.

This, in turn, could lead to a global warming that could start the melting of polar icecaps.

Now 17 years after the turn of the century, world leaders are starting to scramble as the alarm is ringing. We have already seen an increase in hurricanes, forest fires, and flooding around coastal and inland regions around the world.

In 2015 the world leaders around the world attended the Paris Climate Accord. It was agreed upon at that meeting that the world would work towards keeping the global temperature below 2 degrees centigrade. To meet that goal, many countries, like here in Canada are introducing in the new year a carbon levy tax. Which is simply a tax on the use of carbon-based energy.

Our carbon-based consumption of the present

There are a lot of oil companies and governments out there that try to play climate change as a hoax. They have special interest to deny climate change to keep business as usual. There is a lot of money, industry, and politics invested in the production of fossil fuels. Pipelines generate a huge amount of revenue in crude as it links North American resources to world markets.

We as a planet cannot continue to rely on this system.

I live in Alberta, and our number one form of energy is produced by oil and natural gas. We have a massive amount of tar sands located in the Northern region of our province. It is hard for any politician or average consumer to argue against the production of oil, as we directly benefit monetarily form its production.

The production of fossil fuels is a very large debate in my region and will probably go on for as long as we are dependent on oil. People drive cars, and the majority of the products consumed are based on oil.

This issue is the very stem of the climate debate. Science shows the world temperature is increasing because of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. The production of carbon is having a deep impact on the stability of our future. As long as there is profit involved in the production of oil, there is going to be a fight towards the shift of Renewable Energy.

A new way forward

Luckily there is a huge shift towards renewable energy, and there are scientists, politicians, small business, and everyday people fighting against the onset of climate change.

China, for example, is going to have the worlds largest shift of a population from poverty into a middle class than ever before in history. In preparation for that economic awakening, they're starting to shift their energy production to solar. China has some of the worlds largest solar farms on the planet.

The means of production that are developed from solar, wind, hydro, into electricity that is usable for the everyday consumer is remarkable. There has been a large shift towards renewable energy, and many companies are getting behind it by making their energy consumption almost 100 percent from renewable forms of energy. For example, Costa Rica has run entirely on renewable energy for 300 days in 2017.

Its these kinds of things that give you hope that we are going to make an impact. I work in the renewable energy industry and write articles on the industry every day. I am happy to see that even here in Alberta there is a huge shift in how businesses produce and sell their products through renewable means.

It's really rewarding when I come across new science that is making the production of renewable energy lower than the cost of producing fossil fuels. Hopefully, in the next few years, we see that and can start investing in greener technologies that will afford us the ability to continue living on this planet. Its something as a global society we should work on together and prevent the destruction of climate change as our fate.