Some parents are blessed to see their children born healthy, both mentally and physically. Children who can succeed in life with some positive guidance from parents is perhaps, from a parent's perspective, the greatest joy in life. That one's prodigy will be in good shape prior to one's passing surely is the greatest of all blessings. This simple yet fundamental fact seems to be lost on one Mr. LaVar Ball.

Kyrie Irving recently chimed in about the whole situation. The situation can be defined as such: A parent is making it exceedingly difficult for his offspring to succeed in a medium where the offspring's talent will define his or her future success, not the parent's constant meddling or micro-managing.

Already better than who you say?

Lonzo Ball was silky-smoothe at UCLA. The NCAA Tournament has been a mainstay for Gen-Xers and those who have followed it as tweeners since the 1980s. The man has not played even a third of the NBA season, and already, his father has got be embarrassing him somewhat - like he can't fight his own battles. There were subtle signs last year to those who pay attention to UCLA men's basketball.

A review of NBA personalities so far is not so long, but the names and their subsequent careers cannot be denied: Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James, Steve Nash, and Bill Walton c/o his son and current Lakers coach, Luke Walton. Wow. What does Lavar Ball plan for an encore?

The possibilities do not look promising when the parent is riding on their kids' coattails. Typically, it is the other way around like the son inheriting the father's business; or the daughter stepping into acting with no prior credentials because her mother has been an "A-list" actress for decades.

Genuine gratitude equals graciousness

This author will not defend POTUS Trump's Twitter habits - au contraire. The graciousness of the office he holds tends to befit the man eventually if the man is not up to the grandiose task of meeting an entire country's expectations.

POTUS Trump's latest tweet with about this matter was every bit as terse as his initial response.

What made it more gracious was the omission of any kind of overt statement like, " . . . should have left them in jail.". Both tweets have been in response to a lack of gratitude from the father, the one and only, Lavar Ball. The CNN interview does not help his cause:

So who has the upper hand in this latest Twitter battle of graciousness vs. gratitude? Certainly, the President makes it very difficult to defend his Twitter habits, but the man is genuine. He has displayed during many events and moments a sincere gratitude and graciousness in their expression.

The same cannot be said whatsoever about Lavar Ball. If his vision of some Ball, NBA dynasty is his driving, motivating force, then it is easy to see how he can so easily offend some of the all-time greats.

The problem with the Lavar Balls of the world is that once surrounded by a sycophantic entourage, memos from the Universe and the negative energy contained therein and therefrom, never get through. He is setting a fast track pace at becoming the most disingenuous and disliked father of an NBA player, in record time.