Unreal is coming home to roost. Reality is being reclaimed for what it is; something that tends toward truth and beauty. Something that is human and real. Something you can touch without fear or revulsion. trump was and seems to remain a reality TV figure. That's fine. We know what a reality TV figure is. The question is, is he also a President?

The answer from the American people and I do mean a vast majority, appears to be no. No, he is not a president. That, of course, is the key to our general confusion, because he most certainly is president.

It's just that reality is being played with. The result is, for many, horrific.


It cannot be real that the president is spending much of his time vilifying sports figures who happen to believe in the Constitutional guarantee of free speech. It cannot be real that a nation wracked with the reality of prevalent cruelty and sexual abuse has at the helm a man who has many times implied that men have all manner of latitude when it comes to women's bodies.

Note that the items in the previous paragraph seem unrelated to government and presidency. That merely underlines the fact that it is very hard to understand and appreciate the limited but scary actions that could be said to be more presidential.

Few people know that the President has found the time, after many golf absences and a lot of TV, to rescind much of what Americans, by a substantial majority, approve.


There are two lessons that come to mind. First, the actuality, the reality, of our situation is not all sweetness and light. Trump is in power because there is a massive network of power that includes military, industrial, GOP and other elements that are willing to take all the silliness and bile that emerges from the boy ruler.

Trump, beyond the eyes of the superficial media, has done the deep state bidding on conservatizing the courts, maintaining the needs of fossil fuel businesses and keeping the military and police happy.

So reality is not being ignored in the midst of all the Trump distractions, insults and other antics. There are other elements of reality that would require more than this article to examine; amongst them, the actualities of Trump's foreign actions, amongst them, what now appears to have been a false flag expedition against Syria.


The next lesson is tougher. Reality is all. Reality is everything you can imagine and everything you will never know. We have not believed this. We have lived for thousands of years in a binary haze. The only way we have of continuing is to evaluate things individually. I say we should do it on the basis of universal values. Democracy. Tolerance. Helpfulness. On that basis, Trump, the president, has serious problems.