Immigration is a term I learned as a child during the Bosnian war (beginning in 1992), resulting in being bullied for not belonging and not speaking a new, "alien" language. As an immigrant, I was safe from the war abroad, but not from the war in my head. I was a child, unable to integrate into society, to call my house a home.

Dividing humanity by manmade borders

Battles are fought for manmade Borders, in a world where discrimination has become a daily routine. On the way to work, we brush off our shoulders from the negative, be it ethnicity, religion or someone’s immigration status.

Becoming an outcast, with no sense of belonging, a solitary being, irrefutably is the worst punishment. Nowadays, we become witness to opposed mindsets and wonder whether any country’s economy would be built without immigrants.

Some countries opted for discrimination, banning disabled people from immigrating. Nevertheless, earlier this year, the protest ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ had a great impact on raising awareness with immigrants staying off work in order to make a statement. The event was backed up by supporters such as Yael Grobglas and Justin Baldoni, but not without Tomi Lahren’s opposition. Teaching children the importance of diversity is the key to dismantling our mental borders and harboring a healthier mindset.

My name is Susan Yee

The growth of immigration should be taken advantage of and used in broadening our preschool education system by promoting equality through our daily differences. Such a concept was introduced in a chronicle seen from a child’s perspective, a child titled "different" yet equal.

Academy Award-winning Canadian director Beverly Shaffer chose to create a series of charmingly precious, yet straightforward and frequently funny short documentaries.

'My name is Susan Yee' is a short film where she chose to depict a Chinese-Canadian immigrant's experience. The aim of her insightful and entertaining film was sharing the charms and complexities of a child's daily life, unconfined by the norms of ethnicity, religion or immigration status.

Introducing the acceptance of differences in early childhood is a soul-enriching experience.

A mandatory lesson, that every country should adopt, is sharing the stories of children whose games filled with laughter were replaced by warfare screams. It shows children immigrating to "magical" unknown countries, battling their internal lessons of speaking on foreign dialects, yet being accepted by other classmates.

Mankind should open the door of differences and embrace every individual equally in one’s heart.

My name is Belma.

I am a Citizen of Earth. What is your name?