Emperor Constantine established the first organized churches in buildings around 323 AD. Prior to that time, believers in Christ met in homes and ministered wherever they were led. Today there is a lot of manipulation that goes in in Word Of Faith congregations, and other similar denominations. It is important that believers in Christ are aware of the Warning Signs that let them know it is Time To Move on. A lot of what is being passed off as spiritual authority is nothing more than bullying, scare tactics and leaders who desire to control people.

It is time for those who say they are following Jesus to pay attention and recognize when the rules are not from the Bible, but from man.

Manipulation and control reign in Word of Faith

Nancy Burnett of Spindale N.C. found out the hard way how manipulative church leaders who are affiliated with Word of Faith can be. They wanted her out and set about to make sure she got the message and this is not showing the love of Jesus. She is not alone in this as this type of behavior is running rampant throughout. My family has enough stories to fill several books.

My family attended a Full Gospel church that used the Word of Faith principles. One day, my oldest son shared with his dad and I that he once attended a ministerial meeting where he asked why no one was obtaining the money that was promised from the prosperity gospel.

Rather than answer his question he was told to be careful who was in his ear, and not to listen to anyone who came against the church, even if it were his parents.

In an actual Word of Faith church, the pastor and his wife both separately told our son to immediately leave home upon graduating college. He had not asked their opinion, but they decided to give it.

In both of these ministries, there was a heavy emphasis on giving to make the pastors rich over giving to the poor. There are code words used to get you to give your money, and often threats that God will punish you if you do not.

Leaving a Word of Faith church means losing relationships

Each time we left one of these churches there were members who no longer spoke to us.This is because they teach complete loyalty to the pastor over Christ.

Anyone who leaves is seen as an enemy and not to be associated with. There are people so steeped in the manipulation of the Word of Faith denomination that they believe obedience to every word from the spiritual leader is the same as obeying God. They leave no room for personal opinion or human error. These churches teach more about serving the pastor and caring for the building than loving Jesus.

If you the reader are in a church where you are being taught to serve man instead of God, and they are causing problems with your family members you are being manipulated. Open your Bible and read for yourself instead of only accepting another person's interpretation. The word of God does not command preachers to cause division and strife by turning church members and family members against each other. It's not their job to tell you who to date, or what clothing to wear. That is domination and control, and you should run far from it.