In certain denominations of the Christian church, there are Subliminal Messages that are utilized to entice people to give more money than they intended. Once you become aware of these Code Words and phrases, you will not be manipulated into producing a church's desired amount of money again. It begins in such a subtle fashion that at first, you may not realize what is taking place. Once you catch on, however, you can stand firm in your decision of choosing to assist financially or not. You do not have to be browbeaten, bamboozled, or hornswoggled out of your hard earned money ever again.

Sow a seed is the biggest catchphrase

The most notable catchphrase in some denominations of Christian ministries is "sow a seed." Many times, even though the pastor is getting a salary from his or her church, and has received a check from a venue where they just preached, another minister will come after them and tell the people that they owe this man or woman of God additional money. Usually, the congregation or listening audience will be chastised because this vessel of the Lord has poured out and deserves to be duly compensated.

They manipulate your emotions by adding that it does not matter if you give or not because God is going to take care of his preacher. This is followed up with telling those in attendance that if you need a blessing from the Lord, the person who just preached is good ground to sow into and it would be wise to give.

Often they will specify that everyone in the building needs to give a specific amount of money so they can obtain the desired dollar amount of finances they desire. You may hear that you will not prosper financially until you make your pastor a millionaire first, and be motivated to give exceeding abundantly and above to the preacher rather than helping the poor.

Know the code words and never be manipulated again

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 9:7 that believers are to give as they have purposed in their heart, not grudgingly or out of compulsion. If you left home and determined to give $5.00, you are not obligated to give more if the ministry asks for additional money. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated in churches where they take up 2 or 3 offerings.

You may hear that if you don't give big the Lord will not bless you. You may also hear that you will not be able to receive a word from the man or woman of God unless you connect boy sowing into their life.

Sometimes, there are threats that you may be involved in an accident if you do not give in the offering. Many times the scripture about giving double honor is quoted in a way to make you believe you must give extra money to the preacher before God can bless you. The bottom line is if you give more money because someone begs you to or threatens that you will be cursed if you do not, you will have given under compulsion and grudgingly — not based on what your heart intended.

You may also be told that the giving does not benefit the preacher but is for your own benefit.

When you recognize the subliminal messages, the code words will turn you off and you can stand tour ground, rather than be manipulated. The bottom line is to trust the voice of God speaking to you and not the denominational rhetoric that comes from man.