In 2009 Fred Price Jr was handed a kingdom when his father and namesake retired. Apostle Frederick KC Price Sr. founded the Crenshaw Christian Center in 1973 and began the "Ever Increasing Faith" television broadcast in 1978. Fred Jr. was pastoring the church until last week when he stepped down for personal misjudgments.

Church members are in the dark

According to The Christian Post, Church members at both the California and New York locations are in the dark regarding specifics on the personal misjudgment. Karen Taylor, a spokesperson for the ministry, said the church knows what the public knows.

Taylor and others who were asked said they were not concerned with details of the indiscretion of Pastor Pirce. Taylor went on to say that the church will go on and ministry will continue until Fred Price Jr. returns.

Megachurch scandals are increasingly in the news, There are usually two major reasons and they are infidelity or misappropriation of funds by the pastor. Fred Price only said that he had betrayed God, his family, and his church. No other details were given. Church members interviewed by the Christian Post said they were not going to speculate.

Apostle Frederic KC Price Sr. will run things while his son is out of the pulpit

The Christian Post reported that the 85-year-old church founder Apostle Frederick KC Price Sr.

will take the helm and run the church until his son returns. Fred Price Sr. currently is the presiding prelate of both the Crenshaw Christian Center Church in California and in New York. Price Sr. reclaiming the helm is typical in the Word of Faith church community, even at his advanced age.

Many traditional churches have been around for hundreds of years and they have pastors who are hired and can be fired.

In many modern church fellowships, the founder leaves the ministry as an inheritance for their children. Robert Schueller turned the reigns of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove CA. over to his son Robert Jr. When he was embroiled in controversy, Schueller Sr. stepped back in the pulpit for a season. There were some changes and now the current church pastor is Bobby Schueller, the grandson of the founder.

Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University and Thomas Roads Baptist Church. It was written into his will that his church would be pastored by his son Jonathan and the University run by Jerry Jr. Should Fred Price Jr. not return to the pulpit, his father and the church elders will have to find a suitable replacement. To date, the only other minister who has been utilized on the television broadcast from the Crenshaw Christian Center California location is Fred Sr.'s wife Betty, who also is advancing in age. More than likely Pastor Price Jr. will return as he said after a time of restoration.