Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering appointing a special counsel to delve into the various illegalities and other shenanigans revolving around the Clinton Foundation, especially the Uranium One deal. Ordinarily, this news would elicit groans about a replay of the 1990s with Team Clinton going to war with the special counsel with the help of their media enablers. Kenneth Starr can relate to the hot hell that will follow. However, the Clintons may be stuck without their media allies this time. Some folks have started to wake up to what a beast Bill Clinton was toward women and their role in letting him get away with it.

How Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore ruined things for Bill Clinton

Hot Air notes that new pieces in the Atlantic and the New York Times expressed regret about how the feminist movement provided cover for the President Bill Clinton’s beastly, Weinstein-like behavior toward women, including Juanita Broaddrick whom he was credibility accused of violently raping. The left made a Faustian bargain with the Clintons. They would help to destroy Clinton’s accusers, and in return, they would get a couple of friendly administrations, first his than hers.

But then the revelations of the behavior of a number of influential men, from the monstrous Harvey Weinstein to the creepy Roy Moore came to light. Some of the same people who excused Clinton have piled on to the expanding list of ungentlemanly men.

Then, without too much prompting, they have realized that in exchange for short-term political gain, they set back the cause of female empowerment a generation. Indeed, some men like Weinstein got the message. Stay on the liberal side, speak out for and contribute to leftist causes, and all women are available to you as a kind of modern droit de seigneur.

Had Bill Clinton gone down in flames for his misdeeds, a different message would have been imparted and we would not be in the place where we must wonder if any celebrities are left who have not either raped someone or been raped.

Why Hillary is going down now

The bitter irony from the point of view of the Clintons is that none of this would be happening if Hillary Clinton was in the White House.

Indeed, no special counsels would be contemplated. Likely, Harvey Weinstein would still be putting together film and TV deals and abusing actresses with his usual wild abandon.

However, the Clintons’ usefulness to the liberal elites has come to an end. Despite brave talk of running a third time in 2020, the Clinton dynasty is done. A Clinton revival is not going to happen. Indeed, it would be best for all concerned that they are disposed of. A special counsel will be just the way to get it done.