When former Secretary of State John Kerry was negotiating the Iran Nuclear deal, he mostly dealt with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif for two-years. With the un general assembly gathering this week, Zarif met with President Trump's Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at a European Union-hosted meeting to discuss the deal on Wednesday.

Trump's determination to end Iran Nuclear Deal

Since Donald Trump was campaigning for the Presidency, he has lambasted the deal -- otherwise referred to as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) -- as the worst deal ever made.

He promised to withdraw the United States from the deal or force a better deal should he become President. Since being in office, President Trump continued to threaten to pull out of the deal, especially because he's had to re-certify it every 90 days as he's expected to do again on October 15.

During the last re-certification, Trump argued with his national security advisers for hours because he didn't want to re-certify them but once he did, he assembled another group of advisers to find a way out of the deal. The President announced that he had made a decision on Wednesday morning, but would not say what he had decided to do. According to a timeline report by the Associated Press titled: "The Latest: Tillerson won't disclose Trump's Iran decision", British Prime Minister Theresa May was told "no" when she asked Trump if he would tell her what he had decided.

Iran responds world reacts

As the article's title states, Tillerson would not say what that decision was. But this follows a day after Trump made a controversial speech where he slammed Iran and the JCPOA deal as an "embarrassment". Zarif responded to the President's comments about Iran as "hate speech" via Twitter along with other responses.

The European Union -- who had joined together with other nations to sign the deal -- have said that even if the US.

were to pull away from it, they would remain. Their reaction is similar to when Trump announced that he would pull away from the Paris Climate Accord which expires in November of 2020. Despite his demand to leave the accord, they also said that they would remain.

The Associated Press article also referred to a group of Democratic lawmakers who say that the administration is required to notify them of what violations the Iranians had committed within ten days of receiving that information. They said that they had not received that information yet. As with most declarations from the Trump administration, the formal process of doing things is usually ignored by the President catching officials off guard.