Business management 101 all the way through graduate school, the 501 through 680 series of classes, imparts one fundamental premise: Cost accounting. Quarterly reports, profit and loss statements (P&L), and cost/benefit ratio analyses are all included in such curriculum. Advanced degrees simply expand upon principles studied during one's pursuit of a Bachelor's degree. Nonetheless, a Bachelor's from a good - doesn't have to be great - School of Business forms the foundation for a thorough comprehension of sound, business-management.

Indeed, top-notch organizations should have the pick of the best management talent.

Political bodies seem to have become overly concerned with placating just their base. The base might want to start asking some tough questions, not the least of which is how could an organization not know about an expenditure approaching ten percent of the fund-raising amount raised for during the same fiscal year?

This kind of a situation where everyone is running away from any accountability cannot serve to inspire future donations from the usual class of donors. When a bunch of blank stares and a continuing cavalcade of “I had no idea . . . “ comments are the only comments uttered from the principles named thus far, the base AND donors need to ask the next, second-most obvious, tough question.

To what level of ineptitude and incompetence was the dnc managed at, and how can the only responses be ones having a tone of insolence and ignorance?

DNC cost structure at a glance

The Democratic National Committee is not your everyday 501(c), non-profit organization. From a business perspective, the DNC incurs accounts-payable and benefits from the typical accounts-receivable.

The following is presented, given all that, according to

  • There are three salaries payable to the title(s) "Research Associate"-
    • The cost per research associate is $39,600 p/yr
  • There are two salaries payable to the title(s) "IT Project Manager"-
    • The cost per project manager ranges from $89,000 to $129,000 p/yr
  • There are two salaries payable to the title(s) "Field Organizer"-
    • This particular pay-grade is broken down in two ways-
      • $29,000 p/yr
      • $2,000 to $3,000 p/mo

There are many more pay-grades.

In fact, there are about forty-five more. The point is that such an organization with such a cost structure, weighed against its revenue structure, must pay attention to any outlays payable-wise, that puts a ten-percent dent in the bottom-line. Moreover, if the POTUS' fake dossier was such a clairvoyant and compelling document filled with absolutes rather than a wish-list of half-truths, none of the named principles would be running away from it and all its tangential elements.

I wasn't aware is code for what?

There are many more questions to come for sure. Was it Perkins-Cole underwriting the whole Fusion GPS operations? What level of "creative accounting" was devised to exploit loopholes in U.S.Federal election law?

More details are sure to come, and there aren't enough Democratic-Party feet to cover all the shoes that are yet to drop. Some sound business-management would have prevented all of this from unfolding by stopping it before it started.

When the former head of the DNC in the form of, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, stares back blankly repeating the same statement, that moment reveals either her ignorance or that she is trying to cover her you know what. This is a woman who was charged with running a supposedly respectable organization. It seems now, given all the details which have come to light, she was in over her head. Perhaps she was truly not aware, given that dumbfounded, deer-in-headlights expression.

The tip of the iceberg - a metaphor which hearkens back to the Titanic - is an apt one indeed. Many have also been using the metaphor of peeling away the layers of an onion. However, all that has transpired thus far is only the beginning. The peeling away of the layers has revealed a Rubick's Cube and all its linear associations. To solve it takes time. Only then may we, the American public, be able to finally see the tetrahedron of the tangled web they (DNC) weaved.