In this latest incidence of gun violence, the question that is on many lips is 'when?' When will there be action taken to deal with the obvious issue of Gun Control in this country?

This latest shooter is a former Air Force officer with a history of ‘bad conduct’ and yet still, he was able to not only get a gun but also take the lives of 20 innocent people and injure quite a few others. It is a sad day in any country’s history when you are seeing a problem, know what the cause is, and still not be willing to take the actions that will effectively deal with the problem.

Heads in the sand mentality

Yes, under the constitution, we all have the right to bear arms. However, there needs to be better checks and balances in place to ensure that those individuals who are ‘mentally’ unsuited to carrying a gun, are not allowed to get one.

In this instance, this man, through training that he would have gotten in his prior military-based career, was able to not only get a gun but to also take lives. There need to be better checks and balances in place to ensure that people who wish to purchase/carry guns have been properly screened to ensure that they are as stable as possible.

This writer would love to know if this man had a history of mental issues? How many tours of duty did he serve?

What type of support services were made available to him after he was done serving? How much of an effort was made to keep track of his actions, considering his military training and background?

Hiding his name makes no difference

Here’s the question in my mind – this Caucasian male, took a gun(s) and went into a house of worship killing and injuring people and yet one of the first things that they will say is, “he doesn’t appear to be linked to any organized terrorist groups

This writer wonders if the shooting suspect had been African American in ethnicity if U.S.

officials would have made the same ‘leap’ of not being linked to a terrorist organization.

This writer also wonders if this man has family and children? Posting his home address and other personal details can’t possibly be helpful to them as they too deal with the consequences of his actions.

How many more innocent people have to die before Congress takes the issue of gun control seriously? Heaven forbid it’s a member of their families that get affected. Maybe then they will put more effort behind the issue and make movements towards an improvement in the overall situation.