Since the beginning of time, writing has been one of the principal mediums of human communication. From ancient cave paintings and scriptures engraved in stones to digital book publications and electronic literature, humankind has mastered the arts of conveying their ideas in written words using various styles and techniques.

Celebrated in the United States, the National Day on Writing encourages Americans to consider the role of writing in everyday life. Observed every October, it highlights the remarkable value of writing we engage today and gathers a collection for research on whether writing today has risen to new highs or have sunken to new lows.

In honor of writing and of our revered writers who strive to preserve the art of written communication, we look at some of the most popular fictional video game characters that uphold the art of writing when they're not busy fighting the forces of evil.

Harrold Mason

Harry is a widower and ordinary non-fiction Writer. He is shown as a competent, devoted, responsible loving father towards his adopted daughter Cheryl. He even risked his life to search for her when she went missing in Silent Hill. Harry is an ordinary man in a world of horror, the game does not provide us any reference of Harry having military or law enforcement background, he had no professional training whatsoever to protect himself in a combat situation.

Rarely does a video game introduce a protagonist with such credentials, Harry broke the traditional image of beefy, masculine and brawny protagonists in the horror genre. He first appeared as the main playable character in "Silent Hill" and is later seen in the reimagining of the original game, "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories."

It is difficult to evaluate the literary works of Harry since no reference of his books could be found both inside and outside of the game.

Though at one point, if the player would explore Harry's apartment and look over his bookshelf in "Silent Hill 3," the player would soon find books o a table. As the player interacts with the table Heather will say, "Just his usual detective novels... My dad loved them." The video below shows Heather looking at the table at around 8:45.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake is the protagonist of the underrated game of the same name, he is shown as a bestselling author who had been struggling to write anything for two years due to a case of writer's block. In an attempt to rekindle his creative juice, his wife Alice, brought him to Bright Falls where the events of the game take shape.

The game is as interesting as Alan's personality, he had a history of substance abuse and insomnia that led to him being short tempered. Alan is frustrated with his life and his work, though once known as a bestselling author, his writer's block has been an obstacle in his career. The continuous pursuit by fans and paparazzi adds to his frustration all the more.

Compared to Harry, Alan has fair experience when it comes to firearms. He practices at a shooting range and has a good knowledge of hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols.