Senator Corker is not the first person to have seen Trump for what he is. Mitt Romney accomplished it when Trump did not look like a winner. All of his opponents took a try. By now the story should have Trump languishing down in Florida or counting the proceeds from the licensing deals two of his sons have been hawking around the world at our expense. This is the guy who figured that Americans really will believe bald-faced lies. He has toughed his way this far. Anyone for 2020?

October is here and Senator Corker is in the middle of a new phenomenon -- he is enjoying his Week of Power.

The new power dispensation

Here is how the brand new phenomenon works. Donald Trump -- game master -- takes on all comers. They get headlines. He gets big news. Each attack could result in a knock-out blow. The Donald could fall to the canvas. Maybe for a ten count. Maybe forever. The challenger has a week to accomplish his feat.

Seven days had Mr. Corker to fashion a win from his global publicity for a New York Times Trump-trashing interview. It's recounted in today's NYT follow-up.

And the seven days are almost up

It is most unlikely that Corker will rise to the challenge.

This article merely deals with the prospects of getting Trump to be a bit more sane about creating World War III. It seems to see Trump's presidency as an accomplished fact.

That is not the premise of the Mueller investigation. We \have a mob-related, shock jock pretender in the White House. October is the month when he either gets a serious punch, at least a knock-down, or we watch more or more dictatorial assaults on tolerance, democracy, and simple helpfulness to all.

Why hope?

When hope is the only thing left, it is frail indeed. We need confidence that we have the capacity not to suffer fools forever. We need the courage to start raising a specific call for impeachment now. We need to recognize the fix we are actually in. It calls for much more than hope.

Hope will not take money out of politics.

Hope will not push the GOP into sane actions on health, guns and defense spending. It will not stop the gerrymandering of our country to further make a mockery of democracy. We need people like Corker to see that more is expected of them than brave words on a front page.

Three days left

This man has about three days in which he could actually call for Trump's removal and explain in his own words why it makes sense. He did say Donald was stoking WW III. If he basks in the comfort of a deferential media cocoon, we can steel ourselves for more dictatorial nonsense. We can watch October become a month when we could and should have been done with Donald Trump.