Georgia has destroyed Florida, and that is an indication that the team has only places to go that are paved with the dreams of a National Title. They are so good right now that they are making Florida look even worse than they already are. Jim McElwain is probably getting fired for this, but no one cares about that right now. Georgia is going to be meeting Alabama in the SEC title game without a shadow of a doubt, and we need to decide if they can actually beat Alabama. They have surprised us, and it is time to have the conversation about how good this team really is.

They are so good that we have to talk about this now before the season closes.

Why is UGA this good?

This team got very lucky because they have the right passer calling the signals, and they only came by him because their golden child got hurt. Jake Fromm should be holding a clipboard, but he is clearly the right person for this team. He was able to get out in front of Jacob Eason Tom Brady-style, and now he is making the most of it. Even if Georgia loses to Alabama, they still look very good for the future. Fromm gets some early Heisman votes next year, and we have to wonder how much he can improve. I did not say he would win the Heisman, but someone will probably bring it up.

Can they continue?

Winning makes recruiting so much easier, and this team can get a lot of kids from the state to come to play for them. They will always lose out on some players because they cannot recruit every good player from a state that is stacked with talent, but they can definitely get a lot deeper before next year. Will they win a national title next year?

I have no idea, but I know that they have a much better chance of being competitive because they finally look very dangerous. I do not think that Georgia has ever looked this dangerous before. They have not been this good since they blew out Hawaii in a bowl game and finished the season second in the country several years ago.

That finish does not count because they were not playing for a national title, and they were far from playing for it. However, they have cast those demons aside because they look amazing.

Why should you care?

You should care because upsets are going on all around you. You cannot bet on sports right now because it is so unpredictable, and that is going to make things much more interesting as we go. What if Alabama loses and then beats Georgia in the SEC title game? Would their loss be worse than Georgia's? We need to find out.