Your fantasy radar has to have a pretty wide scope because you never know who could end up on your team when it is time for you to draft. You have to be pretty careful with drafting because some guys are unreliable, some guys get hurt a lot, and others have bad matchups. You can research bad matchups so that there is no confusion, but you cannot allow certain guys to get back on your radar and ruin your team. You can earn a lot of money if you get rid of some defenses and make sure you have avoided the offensive players that cause the most problems.

Patriots defense

The Patriots defense is a mess right now, and they might never actually figure out what they are doing. They could ruin you because you thought that they would figure it out. The trouble with the Patriots is they have no players to fix their defense. You are more likely to lose every week because you get no production from them.

Carolina defense

The Carolina defense is just as porous as the Patriots defense, and they probably need to be taken out of your field of vision so that you are not using them hoping that something good will happen. It is very hard for you to have a good week in fantasy if you are using this defense knowing that they are tending to give up a lot of points to just about anyone.

Julio Jones

The Falcons do not play this week, but you might want to be careful around Julio Jones until you know that he is actually healthy. He is not having a very good year, and this might not be the time for you to gamble on him thinking that he can have a breakout game and give you all the things you ever wanted. That would be a very bad idea, and it could leave you with very few points if he does not find the ball that much.

Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy is not turning out to be very effective in Seattle even though he has made them happy with his weight loss and basic incentives. The problem is that there are a lot of people who thought that he would be much better. He is not getting any better, and the team has another back that they can use to make up for the yardage that Lacy will probably not gain this season.

You should avoid Lacy until he shows you that he can be a consistent back in your flex spot, and that might not happen anytime soon.

Eli Manning

You are not getting anything from Eli Manning until the Giants fix their offensive line. That means that you might be waiting until next year, but you cannot trust someone who has a flaky wide receiver as his only real target for this season.