The Cleveland Browns left many football fans speechless in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. The team held the first and 12th pick. With their first pick the Browns selected Myles Garret, the star defensive end from Texas A&M. It was a good pick due to the fact that the Cleveland Browns are not known for broadcasting exceptional defensive performances. When Cleveland was on the clock for the second time in the first round, Deshaun Watson was available. Since Cleveland has a reputation of drafting quarterbacks in the first round, many believed Cleveland would draft the Clemson superstar quarterback.

Instead, the Houston Texans exchanged a 2018 first round pick for the opportunity to select Deshaun Watson 12th overall.

Quarterback battle needed?

The Houston Texans were able to slip into the playoffs in 2016 with help from their strong defensive anchor J.J Watt. Although their quarterback Brock Osweiler threw for 2,957 yards, his play throughout the season remained shaky. In the Divisional Round of the 2016 playoffs, Brock threw 3 interceptions in a losing effort to the Patriots. Offering one touchdown in return, the Patriots were able to eliminate the Texans and advance to the conference championship. Protecting the ball seemed to be a problem throughout the season for Osweiler. During the regular season the Houston quarterback threw 16 interceptions while only having 15 touchdowns.

This was not a selection that the Texans wanted to waste. The selection of Deshaun Watson was an excellent pick for a team who is unsure how well their current quarterback will play next season.

Nothing but kind words and good stats

Deshaun Watson is a winner and the people around him know it. His leadership has been displayed on and off the college gridiron and the Texans hope that he will demonstrate it while playing for the team.

Deshaun threw for 10,168 yards and 90 touchdowns while attending Clemson. While playing collegiate football, Watson's threw three touchdowns for every interception. When faced with the Alabama defense in the 2016 College Football Championship, Deshaun was able to lead his team to victory. He came in clutch with his four touchdown passes and 73 yards rushing.

His play in late games will be put to the test in Houston during the upcoming season. Deshaun should be able to produce positive results while playing for the Texans. They have made it apparent that they would like to see him play for their organization, and Watson always plays best when he has something to prove.