Running a marathon is a struggle without proper conditioning and preparation. Often, beginners get too giddy starting preparing without knowing the right path towards its goals. As a result, the destination has been reached without enjoying the journey. Here are some tips on how to properly prepare for a marathon:

1. Start slow (Jogging)

Condition yourself by jogging few miles in each week. This will enable the body to learn the rhythm on breathing. Jogging at a slow pace is an excellent practice for how to synchronize your breathing.

2. Eat healthy

Running requires energy. A good source of energy is carbohydrates. Some people dislike fueling up with carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates are essential to sustain your series of running in preparing for the marathon. In the like manner, food rich in protein is a must too. Protein is a good source for muscles formation. Muscles in the body must be firm and build up in aiming for a strong finish.

3. Running shoes

Gearing up for a marathon is equally important. A good pair of running shoes that fits well and comfortable should be on the top of the list. Some sports stores have a technology that checks what running shoes are suitable for a certain person based on the style of running and shape of feet.

Other than that, a salesperson can assist in helping choose what is suitable for a person.

4. Core workout

Strength in the core areas of the body reinforces the performance of a runner. Hence, working out the core muscles is helpful to prevent injuries and improve health and fitness. Core muscles do not only include the abs.

It basically includes the upper and lower body parts: hamstrings, glutes, lower back, oblique muscles and abs.

5. Hydration

Hydration strategy is imperative in incorporating in the overall running strategy and should not be taken for granted. Prior to a practice run, fuel up the body with fluids. However, hydration must not be abrupt.

It should be gradual. Drink fluids often throughout the day but not in high volume so that the body can easily adapt. Avoid alcoholic beverages during training period as this will dehydrate your body. Most importantly, on the marathon day, do not try something new in terms of hydration since the body is already conditioned with the hydration strategy.

6. Fun run

Whenever there are Fun Runs scheduled during training, register and join the fun and use the experience as a practice for the marathon. Fun runs can be a training ground for beginners in a marathon. The difference between a marathon and fun run is the distance. Usually, fun runs are short distanced. Hence, joining in one of these can help individual experience what is it like to run with many people around.

7. Music Playlist

Many runners endure long runs with the help of good music. So during training runs and on marathon day itself, prepare hype up songs and put it in a playlist and this will definitely help boost energy. Others may find an odd relationship between music and running, but undeniably music clears out one's mind.