The Green Bay Packers are one of the more solid teams in all of the NFL, but they are not so good that they can play well against all teams. Aaron Rodgers will give you amazing fantasy value, but they have trouble against teams that are just as gooas they are. You must ensure that you have really thought about the matchups that the Packers have, and you need to compare the present to their Super Bowl year so that you understand why they are not good against elite teams.

They surprised everyone years ago

Everyone in football was shocked by the Packers going to the Super Bowl years ago, and they were not a known commodity that they are today.

Aaron Rodgers has since signed one of the biggest deals in the league, and everyone knows that the Packers will try to beat you with their offense. Their defense fell off just like other teams of the past that invested in their quarterback, and now we know that the Packers only have so many ways to beat you.

The Packers are kind of obvious

The Packers give Aaron Rodgers many chances to throw the ball every game, and he picks up most of his stats because of volume. Think about it in terms of basketball. Kobe Bryant was a volume shooter, and Aaron Rodgers is a volume passer. Other passers aerie the same way, but the Packers have allowed Rodgers to stay like this for years. I could come up with a gameplan for this guy because the Packers are no longer fooling anyone.

Therefore, they fall apart against elite teams because those elite teams know what they see. Young teams with young players do not realize how easy it would be to defend the Packers, and that gives the Packers about 10 wins a year.

The defense has never improved

The defense in Green Bay has not actually improved since they won that Super Bowl so many years ago.

It has been such a long time since the Packers were any good on defense that we have actually forgotten they used to have that gritty defense. The defense in Green Bay forces their offense to play catch up, and the passing increasing numbers for Aaron Rodgers. To be fair, Rodgers is very good at throwing the ball, but it is clear that he is going to need to pass because they always seem to be behind.

The Packers gave you a lot of fantasy points late against the Falcons because they were losing so badly.. They did the same against Seattle, but they picked up the points easrly because the Bears are not very good. Aaron Rodgers is a sure thing, but he gets fantasy points for the wrong reasons.