Ezekiel Elliott might not have to sit his suspension if the Cowboys get their way. The team has filed for another Restraining Order with help from the NFLPA. They are going to fight this suspension as much as they can with Jerry Jones even calling the way that Elliott has been treated unfairly. The problem is that this is domestic violence, and the Cowboys are now making this harder than it has to be. They cannot win their division, but they could at least compete for the playoffs or get this over with by just letting Elliott be suspended. This is all about money for Jerry Jones because he knows that he needs Elliott on the field to look good and make more cash.

That has to be the worst reason to defend a troll I have ever heard.

The Cowboys are being stubborn

There comes a point at which, as one of my old teachers would say, that you are dipped. The Dallas Cowboys have made it clear that they will take the NFL as far as they can, and they have gotten the NFLPA to ask for an en banc meeting of the court because they want to get this decision made by the full panel of judges. That is very interesting because it is pushing them forward maybe to a date with another higher court. We should look at this as nothing more than Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith fighting each other in court over who will get the best grade in their review class. These two are literally acting like schoolboys, and Jerry Jones is funding the whole thing.

His money is being spent to suspend Elliott, and he is likely funding a lot of this fight in court for Elliott.

The suspension needs to happen

The Cowboys just need to get this over with. We are so deep into the season at this point that I feel like we will be talking about this for a long time, and every time it will change based on the information we have.

All the different courts can keep changing their tune, and that will make it very easy for them to say that they carefully considered it. The problem is that they will keep bouncing it back and forth. That does not do anything for anybody, and it actually makes the NFL season more boring. We cannot enjoy the Eagles because of this.

We cannot speculate on Kirk Cousins or Eli Manning, and the rest of the league has to take a backseat every time this suspension comes up again. I love how Jerry Jones wanted the owners and league to have power, but now he is mad that he lobbied for that power in the first place. It is like the kid who asks for chili for dinner, you put it in front of them, and they say they do not want it.