The NFL has had a rough year with many problems coming in the offseason and continuing into the regular season. Much of the offseason was dominated by Colin Kaepernick and his inability to find a team to play for after he spent the previous season kneeling with his now-infamous national anthem protest. This season we have witnessed many star players go down with season-ending injuries. These recent injuries have been a blow to the NFL, as many people pay to see the top talent in the league.

Fallen stars

Injuries are never good for an NFL player, but when it happens to some of the league's best talent, it resonates even more with the coaches and fans.

One NFL star that suffered a season-ending injury is Odell Beckham Jr. He suffered an ankle injury in his game against the Chargers and he had to be carted off the field. OBJ is arguably one of the best receivers in the NFL and his charisma and animated celebrations on the field garnered attention from many viewers. Now that he isn't on the field, fans won't have as much interest in watching the games.

J.J Watt is another superstar who is now sidelined with an injury. Watt suffered a broken bone in his leg during Sunday night football against the Chiefs. Watt has since started his rehab to get back on the field, but his presence is missed in the NFL. Watt has been one of the NFL's most dominant defensive lineman and has brought back the power of defense into an offensive-minded NFL.

In this past Sunday's game against the Vikings, Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone, affecting his throwing shoulder. He endured the same injury to his non-throwing shoulder a few years back but still managed to come back before the season ended. Rodgers could possibly miss the rest of the season, which would be a huge blow to the Packers.

Rodgers' precision passing and ability to move in the pocket is what makes him an exciting player to watch.

We need them back

The NFL relies on its Stars just like any other league to bring in the fans and revenue, and not having three of the games biggest stars doesn't help the league. All three players bring their own type of energy to the game of football, creating a great experience for the fans.

Hopefully these players experience a speedy recovery and come back next year ready to go, as fans and players want these stars back on the field. The NFL is already seeing a drop in rates because of the anthem protests, and not having the NFL's best talent on the field will also drop the views they receive. The NFL is taking a lot of hits this year, and losing OBJ, Watt, and Rodgers isn't making anything better.