I know that a rebuild in baseball can take several years, and I will never fault any team for taking the actual time that is required to completely turn over your whole organization. That is not a problem because you know that they have to do that, but you have to wonder how in the world they are going to get any better if they have run off all the people who were there because they cared about the team. I want you to think about why someone would have stayed with the Marlins. It was because they loved them. Now that they are gone, Jeter has nobody.

The Marlins need people who care

Who cares about the Marlins? Honestly, who could care about this team considering how bad they are overall? You could not even have any belief because you know that they will be blown up the first time they start to go south. Even if they are not run like that anymore, you have to wonder who is going to trust Derek Jeter until they see results. Because you cannot see results yet, you have to find people who already care to help run the team. That means that the Marlins are going to have to pick out people who are going to be there for the long haul to see results. However, Jeter already ran them off.

Trusting your own intelligence

Jeter must trust his own intelligence more than he does people who know the team.

Jeter does not even like to watch baseball, so what does he know about the Marlins? What could he know if he does not watch the game? How you watch the game influences how you would build a team, but Jeter must just think that things are going to get done on their own. He must assume that you just draft people and it all works out.

He does not realize that the Yankees were buil very carefully over the course of many years. He is now going to be the idiot owner like George Steinbrenner who thinks that it can be fixed in a couple seconds. He is the idiot owner who will force his staff to trade people, and he will not have people under him who are going to tell him no.

I hope Marlins fans are ready for a disaster, because this is just as bad as what the Marlins had in the first place. That is not only pathetic, but it is really sad.

Convincing Florida to care

I cannot imagine anyone in South Florida actually caring about this team knowing what they know now. They have seen a new owner come in, run off all the people they need, claim he will not watch the games, be afraid to fire people face to face, and generally make a mockery of being an owner. To be honest, they were better off before.