Kevin Fisher just hacked Nick Newman's accounts and stole $500 million. The money came from the lawsuit against his father. If this is the amount that each of Victor's children received in a lawsuit, then why are Victoria and Abby struggling? Billy has been going to extreme measures, and even breaking the law to help his ex-wife keep Brash and Sassy afloat.The youngest Newman had to seek investors in order to launch her dating app. Even if the sisters received half as much as their older sibling, they should not be in dire straits and should have been able to utilize their own funds.

The mystery of the Newman finances

All three of Victor's children won millions in the lawsuit they brought against him. Recently, Kevin Fisher returned to Genoa City and retrieved $500 million from Nick's bank accounts on behalf of the Newman patriarch. This brings up the question of why Victoria and her younger sister are in need of money. If they received only a fraction of what their big brother had in the bank, neither woman would have to beg. Each could have used her own money for business purposes.

Victoria was in such great need, that she was almost going to sign a deal with Ben Hochman. Her dad even offered to bail Brash and Sassy out of debt, but she turned him down. Eventually, Neil Winters gave Vicky a bridge loan to help her out.

Neither Abby nor her sister should have needed anyone to help them out. Even if they did not receive a dime in the lawsuit, Nick could have assisted them with some of his $500 million.

Victoria may lose it all because of Billy

Because her ex-husband is so impetuous, Victoria may lose everything. Billy has talked her into letting him hack into Jabot's files one more time.They are unaware that Jack is on to them and is setting them up to fail.

Spoiler alerts say "Villy" will use the information they obtain and make a decision to use more company funds. They do not, however, indicate if "The Young and the Restless" writers will address what happened to the money that Abby and her sister won in the lawsuit because this truly is a mystery.

The whereabouts of the Newman sisters lawsuit winnings is a mystery.

For now, viewers only know that Nick obtained $500 million, and has now lost it. Spoilers don't reveal if he will ever convince his father to return the money, so stay tuned and don't miss an episode. Watch each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."