The new york yankees have made a statement: “We’re baaaack”. Last night the newest version of the Yankees, the franchise that folks around the country love to hate, served notice. The new young and explosive team, largely homegrown, is ready for prime time on the largest stage, and it is wonderful to watch.

Wild Card Game not too big a stage

The Yankees bounced back quickly from a 3-0 deficit in the first inning of the Wild Card one-game playoff with the Minnesota Twins. Following the lightning fast exit of their newest ace pitcher, Luis Severino, Didi Gregorius tied the game in the bottom of the first inning with a three-run homer.

Gregorius’ blast was writing on the wall, and the rest, as they say, was history. After the Yankees tied the game so quickly, bringing the Yankee Stadium crowd to its feet, moments after being silenced in the top of the first inning, it was not hard to imagine the home team eventually overtaking the Twins and finally winning on this Wild Card night. Some would call it momentum. Some would call it the magic of Yankee Stadium 3.0.

Bronx Bombers shine in the spotlight

If the New York Yankees were an Apple phone, we might already be tired of hearing about it. After all, everyone tires of a front-runner, and with 27 World Series Championships the Yankees fit that bill in modern history. Similarly, how many “hits” can one company produce and remain beloved by John Q Public—especially when the media keeps telling you how great their products are, year after year!

The 2017 version of the New York Yankees are more lovable than the latest Apple phones and have had to overcome much larger legions of haters. Judge, Severino, Sanchez, Bird, Gregorius, Torreyes, Clint Frazier, Hicks, Castro and throw in Montgomery are names to remember. This version of the Yankees is here. They have individually played in enough games to convince even the most critical fan that these guys belong in the big leagues.

Severino shakey in Wild Card Game start

Although only seven of those mentioned contributed in last night’s winner-take-all Wild Card playoff game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium—and one, Severino, was disappointing—the league is on notice. The league is on notice because the stage was not too big. That is a lot to say when you have all these young players—in New York City, in the playoffs, playing in the pinstripes.

And even when arguably the most important cog in the wheel, Luis Severino, couldn’t command his pitches or get more than one out before creating a 3-0 hole for the fabled New York Yankees, the rest of the team came roaring back! Key hits for Gregorius, Judge, Sanchez, and Bird under the pressure of the moment and the spotlight proved that they are real.