We need to increase the amount of love in the world. The way to increase it is to understand first what it is. Love is not possessiveness or the fruit of jealous rage, nor is it a physical attraction. Possessiveness, jealousy, and attraction are part of all of us, but they can distort and disfigure all relationships.

We need a universal perspective

There is no substitute for a vision of things that takes everything into account. Insular vision takes only one’s own circle into consideration. Nationalist vision limits allegiance to one's country. There are all sorts of ways of looking at everything, but only universal vision enables love.

Respect underlies all good relations

The reason Universal vision is so important is that each person on the planet deserves an equal measure of respect. The foundation of a caring relationship is respect. Unless you respect someone you cannot truly care for that person. If love is close to hate, there is something wrong with it. It is the respect we owe all living things.

Dictators make a mockery

Unfortunately, hate is encouraged by our various dictators. Dictators dredge up the past and paint it as they wish. Dictators anathematize their enemies and subject them to lies and mischaracterizations. Hate rising from any source is among the most damaging barriers to progress.

Sentiment is inadequate

We can increase the amount of good feeling in the world by messaging. I am not talking about soupy hearts and flowers. There are two words that rank above our subject. They are justice and non-idolatry.

Justice is fairness to all and combines recompense and reconciliation. Justice takes the lead when evil is afoot.

Non-idolatry recognizes both the mystery and authority that lie beyond us all. However we may understand reality, it is universal. Its rules apply to all of life. We must honor fairness and humility in the face of what we honor most of all.

Messaging can be both potent and peaceful

The well-being of the world can be increased by messaging. We have untold power. Each of us can be a messenger, spreading values that lead to progress, goodwill, and better Understanding. There are hundreds of avenues for effective messaging. Nothing is more important than growing the voices of peace, justice, love, and forgiveness. These are not minority values, but they need to be recognized in a world awash with lesser things.

Even under the harshest of unjust rulers, the will of the people inclines toward good. Dictators do not want us to believe that. Ignoring universal values will topple false rulers in the end. In the meantime, we will bring on the love.