Triadic vision is the capacity to see oneself as transcendent. A transcendent self is consciously and universally social. To be social is simply to recognize others and care about them. To be universal is to have a sense of the whole, the all. A whole person has contact with themselves and with all else.

Reality is the whole, the all, right at this moment. love is what it happens to be precisely now. Both reality and love are characters in a drama that is not yet over.

Reality is destiny.

When we say love will win in the end, we are making a triadic statement.

Reality is now and what is to unfold, what is to come.

Triadic thinking understands that our vision of the moment contains a sense of becoming. We are spectators of our own evolution. We are all in motion always. The motion is always forward. Slowly, fallibly, and experimentally we prove out reality.

Love on the block

Love is hardly a bed of roses in the now, even if we are basking in a good relationship. Love may be more evident in someone schooled in forgiveness. The forgiving person sees things will improve. The families of casualties of all manner of hurt and harm are not so sanguine.


Teleology is not exactly a buzzword. It is a philosophical term for the aim, or end, of things. It suggests the goal, far off in the future.

A triadic thinker sees destiny as involving the triumph of love. A triadic thinker is open-eyed about evil but aware that evil can and does recede.


There will be many tears shed in Las Vegas and San Juan, but eyes of faith will hope for a better destiny. And triadic thinking will confirm the prospect that there is, in spite of everything, real progress.

Science and the triadic

The intimate relationship between love and reality is shown in a multiplicity of evidences. We are more observant than we admit, even to ourselves. Our sense of things is often well beyond the sensationalism of media.

Our vision of truth goes far past the lies of the binary.

Science when honest and not captive to one-sided interests confirms slow progress.

Binary binds

Binary thinking rules the offices of the thought sculptors who see everything as a struggle of protagonists and antagonists. It is possibly OK when this mentality is applied to entertainment. We can gorge our imagination on “The Blacklist” and the offerings of the Marvel folk. But reality is more than these inputs. A triadic thinker has perspective.

We know, all of us, that love evolves in the direction Paul describes in the Book of Corinthians. We hope to meet truth face to face. We know even today that reality and love have an intimate connection.