I was watching The White House press briefing on Thursday, and something struck me. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and The White House, in standard form, had (yet again) nothing useful to tell anyone. In fact, it seems the only piece of useful information that this White House is constantly revealing is that this White House and/or Donald Trump do not care that the public know the truth. It is obvious that someone will forever run interference for Donald Trump to ensure that the public will never get the truth, but instead, a poorly constructed, patently false, and chaotic narrative.

I would go so far as to say that the Trump White House goes out of its way to completely rewrite its own version of "historical facts." Hitler, in "Mein Kampf," basically said, if you tell a lie big enough and for long enough, people will eventually believe it. The idea that someone could so audaciously and publicly lie was more than people could bare. Of course, he was referring to the Jews' use of it and not himself, but that is not relevant here. Donald Trump has told (according to the New York Times) over a hundred lies since becoming president.

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is a liar and a bully

I used to think Huckabee-Sanders lied to do her job and defend a bumbling oaf, much like Sean Spicer seemed to be doing so perilously, but, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is simply not an honest woman. She is a despicable liar and a bully.

She controls the narrative like a teenage delinquent.

Instead of answering or even attempting to answer questions honestly, Huckabee-Sanders is forever browbeating and bullying those who ask questions she cannot or will not honestly answer. She repeatedly gives the tired, sprawling, "Praise Trump" narrative which does nothing but eat away time for those with valid questions.

It distracts the questioner with rambling, meaningless, and refutable subterfuge.

Suffice it to say, it's apparent that any and all press conferences with spokespersons for Donald Trump are going to be a tiring exercise in futility. In the end, the American public will have no more useful information than they did at the beginning of the press conference.

It is clear that they only hold press conferences to obfuscate the facts. However, it is crucial that our nation stays on point.

Donald is a fake president and maybe a puppet of Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump became president via an attack on our country by a foreign enemy, Russia. He may have aided them in that. Regardless of whether or not Trump personally had a hand in it, it is likely that many directly connected to him did collude. Donald Trump has done everything in his power to subvert normal political protocol and create his own narrative. He wastes taxpayers' money by the truckload and spends an exorbitant amount of time on vacation.

Trump rained praise on dictators like Vladimir Putin and even, to some extent, Kim Jong-un.

He defended white supremacists in Charleston in one instance and flat-out ignored those suffering from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico for nine days, in another. I have found it very difficult to root out where his lies and chicanery end and where his seemingly nefarious agenda begins. I also find it difficult to sort out which of his behaviors are an intentional subterfuge and which might actually be part of this vague agenda.

So the only thing we are ever really privy to with this current administration is that... It is a lie. In my estimation, the entire dog and pony show is one big lie. Our White House has been sacked, and no one seems to have any power to stop it. It is as if the cognitive dissonance that arises when we try to wrap our minds around that reality is too great.

We need to stay on point. We, as a nation, need to shake ourselves from this cognitive slumber before it is too late, and Bob Mueller should stop pussyfooting around and end this scourge before it takes us beyond the point of no return.