Violence, hurt, harm, brutality all subvert love. Since subversion of love is within us, the cure is also within. One must be patient in the face of blocks. Grasping the basics is the key to inner change. The basics of inner change involve time considering the action values.

Consider tolerance as a means of moving around blocks and leaving them behind or in abeyance. Consider helpfulness as education and enablement. Both are ongoing. As is life. Democracy is contacting with universality, with the now, with an unfolding movement of all there is.

Armed with values, we can move forward

The inner cure we should seek is based on affirming Truth And Beauty as a unity. Keats called truth and beauty unified and said it was all we know and all we need to know. In the face of the very worst, love lost and early death, Keats uttered timeless words.

Beyond Keats’ memorial maxim, Beauty is truth, truth beauty, there are three Stepping Stone words. The stepping stone words that serve us are freedom, love, and justice.

There is no one way to exist so specific statements may or may not be efficacious. Inner dialog is the path to awareness, movement, and fulfillment.

A final step

The last step in achieving the aim of any colloquy is expressions and/or actions.

It is by colloquy and the use of universal terms that we achieve actual progress.

Progress is always toward the good. Harm and hurt are regressions, speed bumps, surmountable challenges. Only action by each individual suffices to create real change.

Inner guidance

The conclusion of the exercise proposed is a conversation in which one receives guidance.

Guidance may come from whatever within you that speaks universally. The conclusion of a colloquy is sensing one's place within all reality. One is refreshed. Enabled to go on.

Messages are often salient signs of getting through a rough spot. Actions after considering things may evidence thoughtfulness and support.

Surmounting inner torment

Sometimes inner torment has no cause other than our sense of what our past has been. We all live with regrets and guilts that may never vacate memory. What we cannot erase we can surmount. We can understand that now is ever new,

Sensing now is new cannot change the past, but it enables level-headed planning of a future. Sensing now is new enables us to consider what we are working on and to continue with it if its aim is one we admire.

Today’s soothsayers

Do not be daunted by our modern soothsayers. None can know the future. All soothsaying is a bid for allegiance now. Be your own judge of what to accept. All of us are wrong when we presume to know tomorrow.

The real power lies in deeds and actions that reduce hurt and harm.