On Wednesday, NBC broke a story claiming that Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, called Donald Trump a “moron” and had previously threatened to resign. After the news broke, Rex Tillerson gave a press conference denying the report but did not explicitly deny calling Trump a "moron". After Tillerson’s Press conference, Trump began tweeting his ire with NBC for reporting a story he called “fake news”. Now, NBC is reporting that Trump was actually furious about Tillerson calling him a moron.

Trump fumed for two hours about the “moron” comment

NBC alleges, after talking to multiple senior administration officials, that Trump was furious about being called a “moron.” He complained, for two hours, to his chief of staff John Kelly and others. Trump had not previously heard the disparaging remark until the report from NBC. Trump was not the only person upset, as it is alleged that the Vice President, Mike Pence, was also upset and encouraged Tillerson to do the press conference.

Trump has repeatedly argued that there is not any tension between him and his Secretary of State.

He tweeted that the report was “fake news” and stated that NBC was worse than CNN. When he was asked by a reporter, after Tillerson’s press conference, how he felt about Rex after the conference, Trump says he felt “honored” by Rex’s comments. He further went on to say that the report was “fake news.”

Trump is clearly upset about being called a moron

It is evident that Trump is upset about the report from NBC.

He has tweeted, for days, about that report. He’s called the media “fake news,”, asked why Congress won’t investigate media outlets that report “fake news,” claimed Rex never wanted to resign, and allegedly fumed about the report for hours. He has pretended that everything is fine between him and Tillerson, but his actions make this hard to believe.

Trump was insulted by his subordinate, a man he nominated and appointed to that position. The entire world is now aware that his underling does not respect him. To someone like Trump, constant adulation and praise of him is paramount. He does not tolerate any dissension and despises being humiliated. He attempts, consistently, to pretend that anything he is affiliated with is the best thing anyone has ever seen. Therefore, it is hard to imagine Trump tolerating the mere accusation that Rex called him a “moron,” whether it was true or not. #DonaldTrump