Reuters recently reported that Russia is quietly going about sanctions-busting and supplying oil and internet to Kim Jong Un's supposedly isolated nation.

Russia voted for the imposition of sanctions at the UN

According to Reuters, at least eight cargo vessels loaded with oil have docked in North Korea and returned to Russia, despite having alternative destinations declared on their manifestoes.

Until recently all internet access for Pyongyang came from China. However, since the application of sanctions, in accordance with the vote taken at the United Nations, a Russian company is now routing North Korea's internet traffic.

A vital provision, given the rumors of North Korea's cryptocurrency thefts via exchanges.

It seems, having played a part in ensuring the election of the current American President (a.k.a. Facebook advertising), it must suit Putin to have the American President's penchant for hyperbole and garrulity stoking tensions worldwide with references to the "Rocketman".

Sanctions busting ensures Kim Jong-Un's survival

Whilst ensuring North Korea's economy does not implode through provisions of oil, internet and possibly more, undoubtedly Putin seeks to remain on the Supreme Leader's good side. By keeping lines of production and supplies open with Kim Jong Un, Putin strengthens North Korea and Russia's relationship with them.

It may, in the long run, open a communication channel for a negotiated disarmament agreement which was, initially, the whole point of the UN sanctions application in the first place. If Putin can be the broker of peace between two megalomaniacs with their fingers on red buttons, he may ultimately ensure that there will be no chance of a strong military presence of US origin on yet another border of his country.

Like Seoul and China, Russia does not want a situation in North Korea that will trigger refugees. They seek "gradual integration" between North Korea and its neighbors. "Rocket man" statements are unlikely to lead to that resolution but if Russia can take over from China as being the nation to provide channels for quiet diplomacy it could be a political coup.

Whatever Russia's motivation, neither China, Russia nor South Korea want a total regime change in the DPRK. Russia is particularly anti the imposition of Western democracy on existing governments. Perhaps his sole aim at interfering in the USA presidential race was specifically to ensure a weak and garrulous president, thereby undermining democracy as its greatest weaknessess are being adequately broadcast worldwide through Trump's twitter account.