Donald Trump is not a fan of the mainstream media and he's made that known since the early days of his campaign for president. In his most recent posts on Twitter, the president has found a new target in the press.

Trump on Twitter

It all started back in the summer of 2015 when Donald Trump caused a media frenzy on the floor of Trump Tower. With his family behind him and cameras in front, the former host of "The Apprentice" announced that he would be running for president in the Republican primary. During his announcement, Trump labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers" which instantly triggered a negative response from the media.

In the two years that would follow, Trump's relationship with the press has been anything but positive, as he's called any report he doesn't agree with as "fake news." The billionaire real estate mogul has made a habit out of bashing reporters and journalists, which became such an issue during the election that many felt unsafe covering the campaign rallies. Fast forward to present day and Trump has not been happy with the how the media has covered his administration as of late. In response, Trump has lashed out on social media on more than one occasion, before singling out NBC News during a tweet on October 4.

As seen on his Twitter feed on Wednesday morning, Donald Trump expanded his latest attacks on the mainstream media to pick out a new top target, this time going after NBC News.

"NBC news is #FakeNews and more dishonest than even CNN," Trump tweeted.

Not stopping there, Donald Trump continued his attack on NBC News, while going as far as referring to them as a "disgrace" of a network who has low ratings.

"They are a disgrace to good reporting," Trump wrote, while stating, "No wonder their news ratings are way down!" Trump's rage apparently stems from an NBC News report that claimed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the president a "moron." In a follow-up tweet, Trump piled on news outlet. "The NBC News story has just been totally refuted by Sec.

Tillerson and VP Pence. It is Fake News," he wrote, while adding, "They should issue an apology to AMERICA!"

Moving forward

As Donald Trump continues to bash the press for covering his administration in an alleged unfair manner, the president has many other issues on his plate. Following his controversial trip to Puerto Rico, Trump is scheduled to head to Las Vegas on Wednesday just days after the worst mass shooting in American history. Despite talking up the job he's done as commander in chief, the most recent round of polling show's Trump's approval rating at just 35 percent.