United States President Donald Trump won the November 8, 2016, election by a landslide. However, before he gained the key to the coveted White House, he effortlessly whipped all the Republican candidates that had entered the race. Trump, however, had no political experience while the other GOP candidates were seasoned politicians already plying their law-making abilities on Capitol Hill. Indeed, Donald Trump's election victory stunned the entire world. And how exactly did he accomplished that tedious fete? By promising the American voters that he would bring back jobs from Mexico and China.

Ivanka Trump is the recipient of widespread criticism

President Donald Trump, Ivanka's father, said he supports America's Businesses, in fact, his 2016 election campaign slogan was “America First.” So, it is only fair that everyone would expect the Trump family to abide by their words offering their unwavering support to the United States businesses.

Well, one doesn’t always practice what they preach as in the case of the first daughter. It is evident that Ivanka is a trendsetter since she is also the daughter of a billionaire. However, everything she wears has a made in China label. In fact, her entire wardrobe seems to have pieces with the Chinese tag boastfully attached.

Trump’s top adviser said American's are the smartest

Twitter followers branded her as a ‘hypocrite’ because both Ivanka and Donald Trump manufactured their products with overseas companies. In a recent interview with the Fox News Network, Ms.Trump applauded Americans and praised their motivation and creativity.

Trump’s daughter calls for tax reform

Additionally, she also joined her father by saying Americans were more skilled than individuals in other countries. The President’s daughter also called for tax reforms in the United States, saying that the system required a shake-up to level the playing field for everyone.

Ivanka may have tried to champion the cause for her fellow Americans, but her revered speech did not stop the avalanche of criticism on social media.

Her praises for the American employees were branded as ” hypocrisy.” Some social media users posted “Made in China” where her shoe and other brands were made. In fact, Ivanka commissioned a Chinese factory to manufacturer her merchandise using cheap labor.

Sandra‏ Raram asked, why does China make all her products if she loves the American workers so much? Others weighed in asking why is her brand was made in other countries. Allison Galveston‏ stated that Ivanka was hypocrisy at its best

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s election campaign slogan make america great Again,” promised voters he would bring millions of manufacturing jobs back from China and Mexico to the United States.