President Donald Trump made his way to North Dakota on Wednesday to give a speech on tax reform. Along side him was his daughter and special assistant Ivanka Trump, which led to an odd situation that quickly went viral on social media.

Donald and Ivanka

When Donald Trump announced his plans to run for president, he did so on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City with his family by his side. Due to Trump's name being in the spotlight for decades, his family were no strangers to the headlines and media. Despite this, the last two years has been an interesting one for the family, including Ivanka Trump.

As the months moved on during the 2016 presidential election, aspects of Trump's past came to the surface, with one issue revolving around his relationship with his daughter. At times over the years, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made public comments about Ivanka, including during controversial interviews on the Howard Stern radio show. At one point when asked what he and his daughter had in common, the billionaire real estate mogul replied, "sex." Various images have made their way on the internet, showing the two a little too close for comfort for some critics. As reported by The Hill on September 6, Trump made yet another remark about his daughter that made headlines.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump arrived for a campaign-style rally in North Dakota to discuss his plans for tax reform.

While addressing the crowd, the president made mention of his daughter in a unique way. "Look at Ivanka," Trump said, before adding, "come on up honey." "She's so good. She said 'Dad can I come with you. Actually she said 'Daddy can I go with you?' I like that," Trump continued.

Ivanka Trump embraced her father with a hug and a kiss before saying a few kind words to the crowd.

"You treated us very very well in November and have continued to so we like showing the love back," Ivanka said.

Twitter reacts

As expected, critics of the president were quick to mock and troll the president and his daughter. "Sources close to Ivanka Trump say Ivanka Trump opposed Donald Trump's decision to say she said 'Daddy can I come too,'" John Podhoretx of the New York Post tweeted out.

"Starting to think Ivanka Trump and her dad have kind of a strange relationship. Just a hunch on my part," Patrick Monahan wrote. "'Daddy can I go to North Dakota?" - Ivanka Trump. 'Yep. And you can follow him to prison, too.' -65,853,516 Americans," another tweet read.

"This is one sick man & an even sicker relationship.

@IvankaTrump doesn't have something better to do than mooch a free trip?" another Twitter user wondered. The trolling continued as opponents of Donald Trump continued to poke fun at the relationship between the commander in chief and his daughter Ivanka Trump.