In the nearly nine months that Donald Trump has been president, his daughter Ivanka Trump has been by his side as a special assistant in the White House. After Ivanka sent out her most recent tweet, critics on social media were quick to lash out.

Ivanka on Twitter

When Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for president back in June 2015, he did so on the floor of Trump Tower with his family members by his side. Following the former host of "The Apprentice" pulling off his historic upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, questions were raised as to whether or not members of his family would find their way into the administration.

While sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump have remained out of the official administration, though they've been active in giving their opinions on social media, it's been First Daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner who have made the most noise back in Washington. Kushner doesn't have one particular job title, as the president uses him for a variety of needs, while Ivanka has been dubbed "special assistant" to her father. Unlike the billionaire real estate mogul, Ivanka is relatively calm when it comes to her posts on social media, though that hasn't stopped critics from sounding off. In her most recent tweets on September 14, Ivanka stressed the need to end "modern slavery" and "Sex Trafficking."

"Today, the U.S.

State Department @StateDept awarded $25 million to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery," Ivanka Trump pointed out. "We must all work together to end human trafficking and modern slavery in all its evil forms. #EndTrafficking," Ivanka posted in a follow-up tweet. Human slavery and sex trafficking have been two topics that the first daughter has focused on since entering the White House earlier this year.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Ivanka Trump sent out her tweets, critics of the administration didn't hold back their thoughts. "You run sweat shops. pay your employees a living wage and enforce labor standards at your factories.

be a hero," one Twitter user wrote.

"How about punishing those who ran human trafficking rings, bringing young women into USA illegally and passing them around? #TrumpModels," another tweet read.

"The kids working in your clothing/shoe sweatshops agree!" an additional tweet noted.

"So does this mean you'll stop making your workers work 60+ hours weekly for $60 or do these rules not apply to you? America 1st right," yet another tweet pointed out. As the backlash continued, it showed that those who oppose the Trump family were not going to let anyone, including Ivanka Trump, off the hook for their alleged controversial business practices.