Setting odds for the Super Bowl is nearly impossible at this point because the Patriots have been blown out and allowed the Panthers to beat them at home. Also, remember that the Texans scored over 30 points on this team. Your consensus favorite that would have been very tasty for everyone who loves football is just not good enough to be a favorite to win. We could put a lot of different teams at the top of the standings, but we could not put any of them up there for that long. If we were to come out with odds saying that someone was a big favorite to win the Super Bowl, that team would probably lose or look really bad.

The Texans

No one would put the Texans high in the odds to win the Super Bowl, but they look as capable as anyone right now. They could be jinxed now that everyone is lauding them for kicking the crap out of the Titans. This was a complete destruction of what was supposed to be a good team, and they could go on a run that ends at the Super Bowl.

The Patriots

I never said the Patriots are a bad team, but I will contend that they have issues. They have enough issues that we should be afraid for them. They could have one really bad game in the playoffs that end their dynasty. They are many people who will bet on the Patriots based on what they have seen in the past, but this team has deficiencies on defense that no one can ignore.

This team cannot stop people from scoring, and they might have that problem all year. They might get through a first-round playoff game with a bad defense, but they will not get through two.

The Falcons

The Falcons just lost to the Bills for no reason, and they will probably have defensive problems if they are missing Vic Beasley, or he is not in the best shape.

They are not playing well late in games, and they are going to keep sinking late in games because they remember that awful loss in the Super Bowl to the Patriots. The Falcons are not playing their best football, and they might be missing Kyle Shanahan more than they let on. Steve Sarkisian seemed like he was doing a good job, but the offense seems to have issues that we cannot explain.

The team has all the talent that they need, but they are not using that talent well.

The Raiders

We could have said the Raiders had a chance to win the Super Bowl until Derek Carr got hurt. Breaking your neck is a big deal, and he might never be the same player again. Or, he could come back and be amazing. We need to be very careful with these predictions, and we should wait it out.