The Jimmy Johnson system of getting rid of players who mess up has made its way into the modern age. Bill Belichick does the same thing with his players, but he has given a warning to his staff. He told his defensive coaches to get their mojo back, but that might not be the problem. What if the players on the team are just not good enough? That would require Bill Belichick to question how he selects players, and we know that he will not do that.

The system does not work on coaches

Coaches in the NFL get paid well, but they are not as wealthy as the players on the team.

Certain players on every team are not even wealthy, but they are in danger of getting cut at any time. I remember long ago watching those Cowboys teams of the 1990s, and anytime someone made a mistake my dad would turn to me and say, "he's getting cut on Monday." Belichick can do the same with his defensive coaches, but he will run out of coaches. People can see that the defense in New England is simply not very good right now. They got old, and they are looking sluggish. Teams go through cycles all the time, and sometimes they cannot keep up with the cycle, lose their momentum, and the unit starts playing poorly.

Coaches are not gods

I will admit that Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches of all time, but I know that he would not be seen as great if he did not have Tom Brady.

That is a reality that we all must accept. Tom Brady does not Bill Belichick as much as Bill Belichick needs Tom Brady. Brady could go anywhere and be amazing. Belichick cannot do that. We are all salivating waiting to find out what happens when Brady retires. When Brady retires, he is not coming back.

The Patriots have succeeded on hope when he was hurt, but a retirement will change the Patriots.

So, maybe Belichick should wait for his players to start playing better instead of chewing out the defensive staff i the press. This is a guy who says nothing to reporters. However, he found time to call out a coaching staff that has to use the players he chose. Maybe he is in the wrong.

The Patriots are losing their edge

The Patriots are losing their edge.

I did not say they are a terrible team, but I am saying that something is missing. That invincible quality that they seem to carry with them has gone. They have given up too many points this season, and they have already laid an egg against the Chiefs on offense. Everyone is to blame for how the team is playing, and this team finally looks vulnerable for the first time since 2002.