Seattle Seahawks trade rumors have the team pushing to deal veteran players before the 2017 NFL season begins. Jermaine Kearse, Jeremy Lane, and Alex Collins are three players that have been mentioned in Seahawks trade rumors, showing that the front office may also feel that there is already enough depth on the roster. Can the Seahawks find a beneficial deal or two for the franchise?

Several reports by the Seattle Times state that the Seahawks are listening to offers for all three players, with the intent to gauge the level of interest for them on the trade market.

It could end up being that none of the three players are dealt before the regular season opener against the Green Bay Packers takes place, but it’s certainly also possible that all three players get traded. Could that allow the front office to further address the offensive line?

Why are the Seahawks shopping players this close to the regular season?

The biggest reason that the Seattle Seahawks trade rumors have come up is that all NFL teams have to cut their rosters from 90 players down to just 53 by the September 2 deadline. This means that teams around the league are going to be parting ways with players that could make the rosters of other teams, but it’s also where each team figures out which pieces best fit their current rosters.

If the Seahawks traded Jermaine Kearse, Jeremy Lane, and Alex Collins, it would allow the team to keep other players who have been invited to training camp this summer. That could include veteran pieces at key positions or it could be rookies who have been drafted or signed to smaller deals but who have exceeded expectations of the front office.

In other words, the Seahawks may have some gems they don’t want to cut.

Are teams going to want Kearse or Lane this year?

If the Seattle Seahawks traded Jeremy Lane, the team would save a combined $11.25 million against the cap for the 2018 and 2019 NFL seasons. When it comes to Jermaine Kearse, the Seahawks could save $2.2 million in cash this season and open up a roster slot for another receiver to take his spot.

Rather than the monetary reasons to make a deal, keeping one of the younger receivers in camp could be a primary incentive to trade or release Kearse.

One player who has already emerged for the Seahawks this summer is running back Chris Carson, who has shown a lot of promise stepping in for C.J. Prosise and Thomas Rawls. Carson is already going to make the final roster, making a player like Alex Collins very expendable. Emerging receivers have made Kearse available as well. The interest level for Joe Haden from other NFL teams might just indicate an offer for Jeremy Lane could come soon, meaning these Seattle Seahawks trade rumors could lead to action within the next 48 hours.