The New York giants are a complete mess, and they are playing so poorly right now that they probably need to reconsider how they will manage their future. They have Ben Mcadoo claiming that Eli Manning is causing him problems because Manning does not fit the offense, and the Giants do not have the defense we thought they did. They are not bad, but they are falsely looking good and giving up too many points. The Giants are so bad that they might have to blow it all up as soon as they possibly can.

Manning is old

Eli Manning is getting older, and the Giants might be done with him if they believe that they need to move on and find their quarterback of the future, That would require them to lose almost all their games, and they should take someone like Sam Darnold.

If this is the case, the Giants will get a better draft pick than the Jets. The Jets were trying to suck for Sam, and it was not working. That means that the two teams would be on the same trajectory in a town where no team is allowed to be bad for any protracted length of time.

The Giants defense

The Giants might ask the coaching staff to get trimmed to see if Ben McAdoo can keep his job. They could fire Steve Spagnoulo if they think they can blame him for this season, and they would get to draft someone that would help rebuild the team quickly. They could get the quarterback on the cheap, and they would have the money to spend on the defense. That would be the same as what the Seahawks did with Russell Wilson, and that team was able to win a Super Bowl doing that.

If the Giants think that they can do that, they need to do it as soon as possible because they have to get cracking while they still have a chance with this defense. They would be stupid to wait because the Eagles and Cowboys are still good, and they would have to sneak up on their division to make sure that they forced the division to respect them with a quarterback that is unknown.

Is this wise?

It is probably not wise to make rash decisions like this when what they have done is get rid of Tom Coughlin, hire Ben McAdoo even though he is consistently the butt of jokes around the sports media, and now they have ruined the last few years of Eli Manning. That means they have to try to trade Eli and possibly more pieces.

They would have to pick up every asset that they could find, and that also means that they would have to see if they could come up with something that would quickly replace what they had when they made the playoffs last year.