Donald Trump is ready to leave the White House and go back to being a regular citizen, or at least as regular as a billionaire can be. One of the main reasons is that he promised to drain the swamp, and since the swamp is not cooperating, he is ready to cut his losses and go. It’s got to be his way, or the highway.

Trump ran to win

The reason Donald Trump ran for office is because he saw it as one more trophy to claim. Only this time it wasn’t a trophy to hang on the wall, but it was an actual office. The prize was the oval office in the White House.

And he didn’t decide to run on a whim. Trump is nothing if not calculating. He had been contemplating and even speaking about running for President as far back as 2000 Presidential election. According to an article by “The Hill” reporter Tom Squitieri, Trump surprised everyone by running on the Reform Party ticket, and even though he eventually dropped out of the race, he did get 15,000 votes in his first stab at the Presidency. He said at the time he would consider running again, which he did triumphantly in 2016.

Make America Great Again” was Trump’s campaign catchphrase that evoked for many a happier time when each generation did better economically, physically and socially. It was a welcome hope for people tired of struggling with low-paying jobs, and increasing healthcare premiums.

So it caught on, and he won and it was great for him for about three hours; the length of time it took for, according to him, “one of the biggest inauguration ceremonies in history”.

Mines is bigger than yours

This childhood playground mantra is what makes Trump tick. It isn’t so much that he came in prepared to handle the ills of society and make the country better for everyone, as it was that he wanted to be the biggest on the block.

Trump wanted to prove that a novice like him, who even flip-flopped between political parties, could come in and win the election for the most powerful office in the world over 16 established and experienced Republicans. And to his credit, that is exactly what he did.

But now that he is in office, he is finding out it is not what he wants.

He is quickly learning that he cannot run the government of the United States like a private company boardroom. Sadly, but frankly, Trump wants the glory but not the gore of the office. He doesn’t want to deal with the mundane everyday issues. But he will never quit. He wants to be kicked out of office so he can be seen as a martyr who would have accomplished what he said (healthcare, tax reform, etc.) if only they hadn’t kicked him out. The problem is the GOP congress is not cooperating and setting him free. Until they do, we might see more and more erratic behavior from Trump as he is backed into a corner.