The ExorcistTV series Season 2 just aired a few weeks ago and it is already showing its third episode. So far, Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) have vanquished one demon. This was successfully done by normal exorcism with the help of Father Tomas’ “secret ability” being able to dive into minds.

There are actually three stories being told right now in Season 2. The second one was the story of a foster home in some secluded area, where it seemed one of the boys (the blind boy) was possessed by something. It is also getting intense as well.

The third story was at the Vatican and there seems to be a conspiracy going on. I am very excited about what is going to happen next, but here are my impressions of the supernatural TV Series so far.

Good amount of episodes to end a small arc

The best part of this new season was its first taste of the exorcism done by the new partners. Father Tomas indeed has a special gift that can “hack” into the minds of the possessed. Father Marcus might be powerless, but I think he has a better advantage: Great experience in exorcisms.

This small arc that was shown recently in the first three episodes of the new season revealed the strength of the demons. It also showed the frailty of the partnership between the two priests, which gave the story a more thrilling experience.

It makes you hope for them to get along in the next few episodes of “The Exorcist” TV series in order to become a powerhouse exorcist duo.

Mysterious story behind the haunted well

The other story that was being told in Season 2 of the horror TV series is slowly developing its horror feels. While I am not currently on the edge of my seat, it has its moments that piqued my interest a bit.

There were some scary scenes that were slowly getting creepy like the monster sheep baby and the blind kid standing on the old well.

The crazy level of horror is not there yet, but this part definitely had some good points. Hopefully, this will be the next destination of the two exorcists.

Vatican City compromised

Another great part of Season 2 is the conspiracy at Vatican City.

I thought Brother Bennett was dead after he was attacked by that crazy cardinal, but I guess he survived in some way. It was a bit vague there, but I am still glad he is alive and doing some work.

This part of the story revealed that Vatican City was compromised and the exorcists around the world were in danger. The Cardinal also proved that he was not possessed by a demon, which made me hypothesize that what he did was fake it or he was just a human servant of the devil.

Rance family nowhere to be found

The bad news is that the Rance family is nowhere to be found in the first three episodes, not even just a hint. Well, there were some name drops from the two exorcists, but no cameos or quick cut-ins to them.

Hopefully, there will be a scene for them in the next few episodes.

Overall, the first three episodes of “The Exorcist” TV series Season 2 were great and strong. The quick exorcism was short, but sweet and ended nicely. Next time should be the main course, which should be the foster home.

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