The Fashion Trends in the NBA are a really good thing for the players in the league, their potential fashion lines, and the people who dress them. You might think that it is just silly men dressing in weird clothes, but a lot of these guys do not feel comfortable in a regular suit and White Shirt. That is not how they grew up, and the only people who wore a white shirt and a suit might have been the mean principal who yelled at them or the teacher that gave them a hard time. Did we ever consider that the culture of young African-American athletes is completely different from that of the average white guy?

The average white guy is the mean teacher that yelled at these players, and they want something different.

The players need to feel free

You do not have to dress a certain way to please me. If you are dressing in what you believe is your Sunday best, then that is good enough for me. I might find it a bit weird if you showed up to a funeral wearing a suit with Capri pants, but you know what, that is not my call. The young guys in the league can wear something that is unique to them, and they can wear something that includes their favorite colors. They can wear hats and sunglasses with their suits, and they can look like they belong on the runways of Milan. I think that must be pretty good for their confidence, and it prevents someone from subjugating their personality just to meet the needs of the commissioner's office.

They are a new generation

My dad wore a white shirt and a black or blue suit to work basically every day. He was born in 1943. That is a part of his generation. That is something that everybody did, but that is not the fashion today. There are a lot of people who run companies that have casual days every day, and there are many more colors that are introduced to the formal fashion world.

I once worked with someone who wore a flat colored suit to work every day. It would be a bold red or green, and it looked great. That was good for him, and he did a really good job. Why in the world would I tell him that he cannot dress that way?

Society changes

Society change and you need to change with it. I remember when the NBA forced players to wear suits on buses and to the arena.

Now, we have this fashion explosion that I know rubs some people the wrong way. If you are bothered by a suit with some colors you would not wear, you need to let go of the past or be dragged along into the future. Society has changed, and we need to change with it so young boys playing basketball today can see something they relate to.