Kliff Kingsbury will probably get fired because of this loss to West Virginia. He might not be fired Sunday morning, but this has to be the final straw for the Red Raiders. They were making headway, and they were ranked. They should have been able to beat West Virginia, but they gave the game away as has so often been the case with Kingsbury and his reign at his alma mater. What is the matter with this school?

The offense

Kingsbury was one of the most effective quarterbacks in his generation, and his offense was very good all of the time. We assumed that part of what was so good about it was Kingsbury himself.

He rose through the coaching ranks based on the fact that we assumed that he could keep doing that over and over, and we were wrong. He is not the reason the offense works. Someone else had to be running it for him, and he got too invested in making all these little jabs about how much he works out. The workouts are not going to change a thing. The Tech offense is broken, and that is all there is to it.

We got our hopes up

Mike Leach was amazing at Texas Tech, and we got our hopes up because we thought that his regime would be a good jumping off point where the school could grow. The problem is that the school could not get any better because they were trying to do something that they were not prepared to do.

They gave an alum the job even though he had not proved much, and that became a problem. They are going to fire this guy, and they will have to decide if they want to get it right or hire another alum. They need to think harder about it this time, and they need to be more realistic about expectations.

Lubbock is far out there

Someone that goes to Texas Tech is going to have to be a really good recruiter because Lubbock is in the middle of nowhere. Even if you love it at Tech, and there are a lot of people who do, you will admit that you are very far from the rest of the known world. Getting a kid to go there to play football is hard, and you have to think about how you will have your own identity instead of just trying to make kids think that you are in better shape than they are.

The kids need to have some kind of incentive, and that incentive is usually going to be a pro-style offense that is competitive in the conference. They could take some notes from Oklahoma because that seems to have worked well.

Going old school

Tommy Tuberville was very good at Texas Tech, and they need someone like that. They need stability before they can win.