The NY Times is reporting that Senator Bob Corker, from Tennessee, gave an interview in which he stated that Trump “concerns” him. According to the Times, Corker argued that Trump was running the White House like a “reality show”. Bob went on to say that Donald tweets things that are dishonest and that “everybody knows” he does this. This interview was conducted after a tense back and forth between Donald and Corker on Twitter, where Bob said the Trump White House was like an "adult daycare".

Trump attacks Corker and Corker bites back

Donald Trump and Bob Corker have not gotten along for a while.

Bob has been critical of Donald, in the past, on several issues. Recently, Corker stated that he did not intend to run for re-election. Since that time, he has been much more vocal about his opposition to Trump’s conduct. Trump, who despises dissent, went on Twitter to attack Corker. Bob immediately responded with a classic insult.

Trump tweeted multiple times about Bob Corker today.

Bob Corker responded in a tweet that went viral with over 300,000 likes on Twitter.

He called the Trump White House an "adult daycare".

Donald Trump, not ever allowing a slight go without a response, responded to Corker's tweet.

Corker gives an interview to NY Times and eviscerates Trump

After the back and forth between the two men, Bob gave an interview where he destroys Trump.

Corker did not hold back in this interview. In addition to saying that Donald was conducting his presidency like a “reality show”, that Trump is dishonest and concerns him, he further stated that Trump’s recklessness could cause a world war. The senator believes that Donald doesn’t understand the magnitude of his responsibility as the president. Bob further argued that almost every Republican Senator believes that Donald’s volatility is concerning.

Donald Trump has not yet commented on the interview from Corker.

It’s almost a certainty that he will, considering their spat today. However, Bob is completely right about his criticism of Trump. Trump runs his White House like an adult daycare. Additionally, Trump is incapable of fulfilling his obligations to the American people. His erraticism and impulsivity are a threat to people everywhere. He conducts foreign policy via Twitter by making threats to North Korea and every country he feels has not idolized him appropriately.

Bob made it clear, after giving this interview, that Republicans are no longer willing to tolerate Donald's antics. It is going to be interesting to see how this feud between the two will play out. Will more Republican senators publicly join Bob in condemning Donald's conduct? Could this be a major turning point in the Trump Presidency? Only time will tell.