In the latest exchange of words between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the latter is believed to have indicated his intention of adding more Nuclear Weapons to his inventory. He made these comments after President Trump mentioned about how he plans to deal with that country without elaborating on his proposed plan.

North Korea to expand its arsenal

New York Times reports that, while talking to his people in a meeting of his ruling Workers’ Party, Kim Jong-Un gave an outline of his future plans. He wants to develop his nuclear capabilities, build more nuclear weapons, and push for economic growth in spite of international sanctions.

According to Korean Central News Agency, the leader views his arsenal as a powerful deterrent to safeguard the Korean Peninsula and the surrounding areas.

It is obvious that the North Korean leader will not succumb to pressure from Donald Trump. That could become a matter of concern for South Korea because it will be in the line of fire in case its neighbor retaliates to any U.S. offensive.

Seoul fears that Pyongyang could conduct a major weapons test on the occasion of another of its red-letter days, the anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party.

Reaction of the United States

US President Donald Trump has not been able to tune Kim Jong-Un to his frequency and lamented that 25 years of talks with North Korea has come to naught.

It continues to test its nuclear weapons at regular intervals and has identified a couple of probable US targets. It has already sent two of its missiles flying over Japan, which is an ally of the U.S. and is believed to have carried out a test of a hydrogen bomb. There are reports in the media that the country is getting ready to test another long-range missile that could reach the west coast.

The United States has already gone in for economic sanctions and has kept the option open for a military strike. However, there seems to be no effort to defuse tension in the region. Rather, the exchange of words aggravates the situation and adds to the uncertainty. At times, the exchange becomes personal and provocative. Such verbal duel adds to the tension of the whole world.

Under the circumstances, it is necessary that someone should take the initiative to bring the leaders to a common platform for talks. Dialogue can resolve problems but, an attitude of confrontation with warships and missiles will not help the cause and make matters worse. Hiroshima is an example of the extent of devastation that a nuclear bomb can leave behind, and the world would not like to face another such scenario.