Mike Pence used US taxpayers money to protest a protest. It is alleged that he cost taxpayers over $200,000 to fly into Indiana, from Las Vegas, to stage a protest. Possibly it was orchestrated by him and Donald Trump. Trump had asked Mike Pence, on Twitter, whether he was going to the Colts game. The VP responded saying that he was. Pence left Las Vegas, where the largest lone-wolf mass casualty occurred in US history, and went to the Colts game. After he saw players take a knee during the national anthem, he proceeded to walk out in a juvenile display of ire.

It did not go over well with most Americans. Several people have expressed their outrage over his antics today.

Mike Pence is in trouble now

Mike Pence’s deliberate attempt to protest black athletes who take a knee, during the national anthem, was completely unsuccessful. Several Twitter users went on Twitter and excoriated Pence for his theatrical performance at the Colts game.

Below are just a sample of the thousands of angry tweets about Mike Pence's unacceptable conduct.

Needless to say, Pence didn’t get the response he was hoping for.

People are demanding that he repay the money he used to conduct this stunt. He’s drawn attention to himself, where up until this time he was virtually a shadow in the administration. He blew that protection today, especially after he used taxpayer's money for this charade.

He couldn’t just leave it alone

Mike Pence has been insulated from scrutiny until now.

Even though the Trump administration has been under investigation by the Department of Justice, FBI, and Senate Intelligence Committees, Pence wasn’t someone that was on anyone’s radar until today. By staging this stunt, he provoked so much anger and turned his virtually invisible Vice Presidency into a scandal.

People are now asking Mike Pence to resign after his antics today.

People are demanding he is investigated for using taxpayers money for the charade he put on today.

Mike Pence may have thought that this stunt would entice their measly base of Trump supporters left but he was wrong.

59 people were just murdered in Las Vegas, there's a crisis in Puerto Rico, no gun control, no healthcare reform, no tax reform, no jobs, and people want results, not theatrics. The gall of Pence and Trump to presume they could casually use thousands and thousands of taxpayers money for this farce is an outrage. This was a serious mistake that will have serious consequences for Mike Pence.