Roger Goodell is one of the most powerful men in all of America, and he is clearly one of the most out of touch with modern society. His wife has been caught using a secret Twitter Account to defend her husband, and she has shown how wrong she is by having to do it in private. Can you imagine being in that household right now? This man and this woman are so far down the rabbit hole of prejudice and oppression that they had to use a ploy on Twitter to defend his errant ways. Just think about how pitiful you have to be to try to defend someone who is doing their job so badly in private.

The secret Twitter account

Goodell's wife made a fake Twitter account so that she could fire back at people who criticized her husband, and she did not think for one second about how Kevin Durant got caught doing the exact same thing. Durant was overthinking and trying to get people to see his side on many petty and silly things. Goodell and his wife are literally pushing a white power agenda that attempts to subjugate players in the NFL, many of whom are black. That is a stark difference that should not be lost in this discussion.

The purpose of this experiment

The purpose of this experiment was surely for Mrs. Goodell to give her husband the good press she thought he needed. What is even more pathetic about this is that she says she has been a member of the media and thought that people were being unfair to him.

It is not unfair to call someone who does their job badly a bad leader. It is not unfair to say that Roger Goodell has been the most volatile commissioner in the history of the league, and it is not unfair to compare him to Kennesaw Mountain Landis. He has been just as bad for the sport as anyone, and the only thing he can point to is revenue.

He is currently presiding over a drop in ratings and interest, and the players are staging a sort of revolt because he has to please the President of the United States at the same time that he is trying to run his league. In the Bible they tell you that you cannot serve two masters, and that is true here.

She needs to open her eyes

I hope that Mrs. Goodell opens her eyes at some point and realizes that her husband does more harm than good. He presides over a league where Colin Kaepernick does not have a job but Joe Mixon does. If that is not troubling to her, then she needs to apologize to women around America for her gross negligence in a matter that impacts women every day. She needs to apologize for being blind to the tyranny of rich oligarchs.