It is impossible to believe that the players of the NFL will all stop playing if they cannot kneel for the national anthem, but it is very interesting to see that Rishard Matthews is willing to give up his job as a professional football player if he is forced to stand for the anthem. He is willing to stop getting paid a total of $15 million to play football because he cares about social justice more. His dad served in the military, and his brother was killed defending a country that does not even respect him. I am very proud of this stand that Matthews has taken, and I think that we will start to see a mutiny within the league because of the stance of the owners.

Giving up is a strong move

Rishard Matthews has already pledged his money to social justice causes, and he wants to make sure that the people of the country know that he is willing to quit if he is forced to give up a right that his father and brother fought for. That is a very strong move for Matthews, and there are other players who might do the same thing. I do not believe that someone like Antonio Brown will quit football because of this, but I do believe that Matthews will start a conversation among players about what they believe. There are too many guys who play just for money, and this might make them rethink how they are living their lives. Someone who believes in a cause has to have some invested stake in it, and Matthews appears to have the stake in it that we all want.

What does that accomplish?

Rishard Matthews is not going to cure the NFL owners of their racism and prejudice, and he is not going to change the minds of virulent conservatives who hate people of color, who are disabled, or who are different from them. However, I think that Matthews will be able to sleep at night. That is something that must have a big influence in his life, and he needs to do that just for him.

I can respect that he is willing to do that to help him live a much better life. He is going to take steps that will make him a much more happy and fulfilled person, and that is something that a lot of people do not think about. They only think about making money, and this guy has really thought about the fact that he does not want to be a person who takes money for a job that he hates.

He has truly considered it, and he is doing more than any white supremacist would do for their cause.

Rishard Matthews has made totally sure that his point will get across. He might have to sacrifice for the greater good.